Daryl Lee Morriss

My name is Daryl Lee Morris and I am 52.  I have had various undiagnosed ailments since I was 15 years old.  Prior to getting diagnosed with AS four years ago, my treatments included two unnecessary hand surgeries, back traction, knee draining, steroid shots, depression medication and physical therapy.  Now I am on weekly Humira injections and various other drugs.  While it was a relief to finally get an answer about why I’ve had pain and weird symptoms most of my life, it is also difficult at times to deal with day-to-day living. Not many people have even heard of this disease and it doesn’t show outwardly (yet!) so it is hard to explain how I can feel fine one day and get a flare-up the next.   My biggest fear is that one of my children will have it too.  So far, two of them have been tested and do not have the HLA-B27 gene…    I feel a sense of solidarity with all of the “faces” here.  Thank you, Cookie, for creating a place of comfort and familiarity for those of us who live with AS.

Chester County Pennsylvania United States of America

One Response to “Daryl Lee Morriss”

  1. Dear Daryl,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. You are the same age as I am and started your trouble close to the same age as I did. I was also tested for the HLA-B27 gene and found to be negative. I struggle sometimes with the amount of time this project claims of me and the emotional connection it has with me also, but in the end I find it to be such a blessing and honor to be a part of this. Then once in a while I see that it does accomplish what I want it to be about. I do want it to be a place of comfort and solidarity and a place of understanding and acceptance and a place of familiarity for us. I want it to be what each of us needs it to be. A picture only, a poem a song a story? I want people to have a safe haven knowing that what they need or choose to share is respected and honored and cherished. Thank you so much.
    Sincerely Cookie

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