Danny Morrissey


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  1. Hi All

    My Name is Danny and i have being suffering with AS for about 35 years, it started with me waking up with a stiff neck which would last for about a week, at that stage i just put it down to the bed that i was sleeping in as it had a hollow in the mattress, as I got older I found that my posture had become stooped forward, and I could not do as my peers were like taking part in various field sports and other teenage stuff, as i got older i found that the pain would be mostly in my lower back sometimes on the left and other times on the right side, as the years went on i foolishly went to work in constriction for about 20 years this was not a very good idea but the years just went by and eventually i got away from the heavy work, in the meantime i started going to all types of people who i thought could help my back pain but to no avail, then about 15 years ago i met a chiropractor who said i may have AS i had never even heard of it till then, after having xrays and MRi scans i then found out that i did has AS, so i went on a course of embrel but had to stop taking it as it became to expensive as i had a lot of other bill the pay, but i will have to consider going back on it again as i am now going through bad spasms of pain in the upper part of my neck and shoulders. so that a brief story of my journey with AS keep the faith one and all

  2. Dear Danny,
    Thank you so much for being a part of my vision.
    Sincerely Cookie

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