Crystal Benedict

My name is Crystal Benedict and I was diagnosed in 2008. Im 29 this year. My first sign of symptoms were in 2003. I had a crick in my neck. I ignored it thinking I slept wrong. After while it wouldnt go away so my mom had me go to a chiropractor. He told my mom it was fused. At that time I didnt have medical insurance so I didnt go to a dr. As the years went by the next symptom was constantly goin to the bathroom. Again I ignored it. Time went on. 2006 I had my son. Nothing really changed except my appetite decreased and I was always tired. April 2008 my husband’s mother demanded I go to the ER. There they found out I had ulcernatis colitis,UC.  The second time I went to the ER I was in extreme pain. The dr tried to dismiss me but I wouldnt let him. He took xrays. Thats when they told me I had anklyosing spondilitis, AS. My hemoglobin was at a 4. I almost died. I have Rhumatorse arthitis, RA , as well. My neck is fused. I can not look up or down, left or right. Im anemic as well. Ive had a years worth of iron injection,goin in 2-3 times a week. Ive had 5 blood transfusion. I get remicade every two months. Ive had neck surgery to lift my neck. Ive also had my left hip replaced. Im getting ready to get the right hip replaced. Im constantly in pain. Right now im in remission with my UC. Its sad I cant really play with my son, cant drive. I hardly go out. The pain is unbearble at times. I get sick easily. This disease is not to be ignored just understood. I wish I didnt ignore the first signs. I do my best to be a wife and mother. Times its hard but I move on. I have no choice. I chose to live life. I have one dream its to take my family to disney world. Maybe one day when we have money. My medical bills wiped us before I got.medicare.  My husband does his best. Its just hard. I choose to be postive 🙂
Killeen Texas United States of America

2 Responses to “Crystal Benedict”

  1. Dear Crystal,

    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us. It breaks my heart that so many people have to struggle. I hope your dream of Disney comes true.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. i am sorry for what your going threw i also have UC and AS it sucks i have had UC since i was 17 and AS when i was 20 i am now 29 my AS is starting to take over my body faster it sucks i take shots to help but still more bad days then good days i hope you stay strong good luck with everything

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