Chris Naylor


Face 1017

I am Chris Naylor and I am a face of AS.  My struggles don’t hold me back but make me stronger and more determined when I get a “No” for an answer to follow through with my dreams.

My story started when I was 10 years old.  I was taken to the hospital due to back pain after playing a game of football with my friends.  This was interesting as I had normally played many sports and was active as a kid.  Well I can tell you that as for a ten year old in the hospital and doctors taking blood, x-rays and an MRI it was a stressful event to say the least for two parents who got no answers and for a young person who got no answers in the long run as well.  The results at this time for the back pain came back as a herniated disk.  Well interesting enough they left it at that and from then on I and my family continued to visit my doctor continuously until I went away to University.

Once in University I was running daily and fighting the pain and continued to slump over more and more.  To this day  I have the upper ¼ of my spine fused together.  Well interesting enough I was in so much pain and could not walk for at least a week; it is then that I went to a walk-in clinic (funny enough I was barely able to make it) and had blood work done and pain killers given.  I had the blood work sent to my doctor out of province as well for him to look at.  A day later I had a call from my doctor telling me to return home that he needed to talk with me ASAP.  i returned home two days later and was given the news that I had to have more blood tests as my white blood count came back abnormal.  Well he sent me for my HLBA-27 test as well and sure enough that is when I finally got an answer.

Today I have two awesome little people and a wonderful and supportive wife. I look at the myriad of medications I take daily and weekly and wonder sometimes what the hell is this all about.  But then I look at my life and the struggles I continue to face and push forward.  It is this drive that gets me going in the morning and pushing me to continue changing my careers; once a Child and Youth Counsellor now a Paramedic moving toward Nursing.  I keep being told don’t and no; “you won’t be able to do the things.  I have expressed many times to many people that you cannot tell me just because I have this chronic illness does not mean that I cannot live my life…

Live life and love it no matter the obstacles.

Alberta, Canada

One Response to “Chris Naylor”

  1. Dear Chris,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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