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A little about me. I am married, have 4 children and am a nurse. I live in St. Charles Missouri.  My twin daughters graduated this May and are both nurses.  I have a daughter who will graduate in 2 years with a speech/language pathology degree and a son who is a freshman in college studying biochemistry.
 I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis 10 years ago.  The AS diagnosis came in 2009 when I was hospitalized with a colitis flare and had severe back pain.  I had had back, hip and SI joint pain since I was in my 20’s.  A busy Mom of 4 and caregiver to both my parents I pretty much ignored the symptoms, went to chiropractor when pain was really bad.   Fatigue was always a problem.  I am like many others with several autoimmune disorders.  I also have fibromyalgia and flares of iritis.
I was on prednisone a lot through the years and I believe while it was controlling my UC, it was also helping the inflammation in my spine, less painful.  Last year the meds I was taking for the UC were effecting my liver and my GI doc decided it was finally time to try Remicade. My rheumatologist agreed. My neck and back pain were significantly worse.

I just had my 4th Remicade infusion and am finally noticing an improvement in my back and neck pain and the fatigue is better as well.  I also take Tramadol and have recently been limiting my gluten intake which has had a very postive effect also.   On my days off I try to walk at least 3 miles.  I don’t have any speed records but moving always makes me feel better.

Cheryl Illy
Missouri, United States of America

One Response to “Cheryl Illy”

  1. Dear Cheryl,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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