Cassie Seibert

my name is cassie seibert and iam from Smithers BC canada.  i am 23 and i got diagnosed with AS 9 months ago, but i’ve had symptoms for 5 years before.  at first i always thought i was just screwed up and had problems all over that was just random. it was all mainly in my hips it would just flare up every once awhile and i could just take advil and that would help. but 2 years ago i had hip pain that would never go away that lasted for about a year. every day that passed i got worse nothing helped it. i had to drop out of university after i finished my first year because after my first year i could no longer walk so i had to move back home till we figured out what was wrong with me. i saw like 5 doctors and 4 physiotherapists no one had a clue what was wrong with me test after test they all showed i was normal and nothing was wrong, yet i couldn’t walk.  finally my doctor sent me to a ruemetologist i had no clue what they study but i was open for anything because i just wanted to know what was wrong with me. later i found out that they studied arthritis. i was scared after i found that out because i didn’t think i had arthritis i was in to much pain and it only hurt in one joint. my first reaction of the doctor was that i liked her she was friendly at the end of the visit she said ok i think you having ankylosing spondylitis but you have to get some blood tests done and do an MRI to prove it.  my mom was releaved that she thinks she knows whats wrong with me. me on the other hand wasn’t releaved yet because i had other doctors telling me what they think is wrong with me but it wasn’t true because the tests said i was normal.  she started explaining some things about AS and it all made sense and was true with what i was feeling. she gave me a brochure about AS and i read it. after all my tests she told me that i have HLB-27 and that my MRI showed that my SI joints are inflammed. and that proved that i had AS and we started playing with some more meds to see what will help. ive been on so much meds that i can’t remember what they were called but they were all anti-inflammatories. none of them worked, they would help out abit where i can walk a little more, but i still wasn’t good enough to do anything else. than she wanted me to try humira but i have to go on some more anti-infammatories so that i can get funding for humira. she gave me all the information about humira i was scared that i had to give myself a shot but, if it helped than i was more than willing to do it. anything just to feel relief and be normal again. i have been on humira for about 4 months now and its done wonders to me i can now excersise everyday i do yoga like 3 times a day and i am finally back in school and finishing off my second year.  than just a week ago i felt my first pain of AS in my shouldars, so i guess its starting to get worse. i feel happy that they figured out my problem and that i can go on with my life. even though it’s AS and it just gets worse but its better than no one having a clue what was wrong with you.  on top of having AS i also have a perminent back injury just above my SI joints that injury now leaves 2 of my disks inflammed as well, i had that injury for 10 years now and is feeling better now. my only pain i feel is from AS now.  but i just keep telling myself to stay strong and don’t allow AS to take me over i will fight to be the best i can and not allow AS to control me i will control it. thank you for letting me tell my story


British Columbia Canada

One Response to “Cassie Seibert”

  1. Dear Cassie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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