Carol Janse van Rensburg

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My name is Carol Janse van Rensburg. I live in  South Africa. I was diagnosed with AS in May 2013. I have been struggling with lower back pain most of my life but the last few years the pain has moved to my mid back and neck area as well as my ankles knees and wrists. there is not a day that goes by that i am not in pain. some days are more than others. other parts of my body have been affected such as my eyes, mouth and glands. the last few days my feet and ankles are swolen badly and any sores that i get takes forever to heal.
I am currently on various medicines but my Rheumatologist wants me to use Humira. the problem i have is that my current medical aid does not cover the cost. i have to increase my medical aid plan but its difficult due to financial reasons. i am paying for my sons universaty fees.
i can only hope and pray that all will be well. some people say its all in my head and i have withdrawn myself from most people as i dont want to be seen as someone constantly complaining.
i do however feel and empthasize with fellow AS sufferers as people in general dont know what your pain and suffering entails.
i still  keep faith that my God heals and will keep on believing that i will become better.
Thank you for your blog. its comforting to know that others also experience the same. unfortunately some more than others. i pray that we will be overcomers and will place this disease under our Feet.
South Africa, Africa

One Response to “Carol Janse van Rensburg”

  1. Dear Carol,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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