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I was diagnosed with AS in December of 2011. Ever since I can remember, I was had low back pain and severe issues with my stomach, they were so bad that at least once a year growing up, I would end up hospitalized for extreme pain and dehydration. During September of 2011, I started to have issues with my left eye. It look like pink eye, but it did not itch or have any discharge. I called my primary doctor and said I may have pink eye (due to googled images off line), I may need some eye drops. He sent me out a prescription for pink eye, within 5 days, it was worse. Long story short, after finally going to an ophthalmologist and five eye drops later, my eye finally was brought under control. The blood test showed that I had the HLB- 27 gene and I made an appointment to the rheumatologist, who wanted to put me on five different medicines to start, due to the results from his round of blood tests. After researching everything, I decided to change my whole lifestyle and diet. I went on a low starch diet. It has seemed to make a difference in my life, as far as pain and overall well being. Don’t get me wrong, somedays are better than others and I live with the pain, but I am blessed because I am still independent.

New York United States of America

One Response to “C.L.”

  1. Dear C.L,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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