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My name’s Brittney and I was diagnosed with AS two years ago at just 20. I live in Massachusetts and see one of the best rheumatologist in Boston but she can not figure out how to get my pain and inflammation under control. The diagnosis came as a complete shock, every doctor I saw told me my pain was normal(even though my pain tolerance is extremely high and my back pain brought me to tears and I eventually had to leave college because I couldn’t walk around campus) they found the inflammation in my back by luck during a CT scan to see if I had appendicitis(which I did not) after finding out I was HLAB-27+ I was sent to my rheumatologist who did not believe I had AS, until she saw the images of my back and started me on treatment immediately. I have been on humira and many different anti-inflammatorys, I’m currently on my third month of embrel and waiting for a cortisone shot and trigger point injections which bring little to no relief. These past two years(well past 20) have been difficult but I’m attempting to look at each day as a learning experience and be positive. I’m still working because it’s becoming evident that one day I won’t be able to, I try to make it to the gym twice a week even if it’s just to walk on the treadmill. My latest test results showed no improvement so it looks like remicade is the next step for me. I have been told by several doctors at a different hospital that it’s all in my head, and I honestly would like to kick them in theirs, in sharing my story because no one understands what this is like. Every day is getting worse and the fatigue is overwhelming me, I was barely able to move today because of my hips and knees but still had to work two jobs. I am thinking about getting a second opinion treatment so if anyone knows of a great doctor in Boston please let me know!
Thank you and stay strong!

Massachusetts, United States of America


2 Responses to “Brittney”

  1. Dear Brittney,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. I realize this was written long ago and I hope you are better now..
    if not then I hope you investigate alternative cures on curezone site, earth clinic, things like miracle mineral supplement, black cumin and various essential oils and diets.. I wish you to be happy and healthy

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