Brittany Ladnier

Hello everyone! I’m so glad I found a page that connects me to all of you that are going through what I am! I’m 22, a nursing student, and a single mom of 2. I never thought in a billion years that I would have a disease such as this one. My symptoms started about 2 years ago and I never really thought much of them, that is until my leg had completely given out on me while walking a few steps from my house to my shed. It took months for doctors to finally figure out what it was. I went from one doctor saying that it was normal and I should try not to as much weight on one leg?! The orthopedic thinking it was a herniated disc. Another orthopedic telling me that my spine looked like it had a defect in it. And finally my rheumatologist who first thought it was rheumatoid, but then my rheumatoid factor was negative and I had the HLA-B27 , so the final verdict…. seronegative spondyloarthropathy, which is a broad term for AS. My treatment plan is plaquenil and naproxen twice a day and lortab as needed. I am always in constant pain, my feet and legs swell while I’m at work or in class. I work for the bank as a proof operator, and that means I type for my money, so that is making my fingers worse. I can’t sit for long periods of time because it hurts so bad. I can’t wear pretty high heels, can’t go out dancing, can’t have a drink or two because it makes me sick. I’m almost always late to anywhere that I go. I can’t focus on things, I’m always tired and groggy. Its so tough on my children who are 2 & 4, and they want me to hold them, or jump on the trampoline with them and I just can’t. I hate feeling this way at my age and sometimes I wish it would just all disappear, but I know that will never happen bc what the arthritis has already ate away is gone for good and the damage is done. But all we can do is stay strong right? Just thought I would share my story with you all, and if anyone is on the same meds as I, I would like to know how they are working for you. Best wishes to you all, enjoy your good days and have strength on the bad ones.

God Bless —-Brittany Ladnier

Alabama United States of America

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