Bridget Gould

Face 1079Bridget Gould

Hi, my name is Bridget and I have AS. I was diagnosed in Dec 2012 after years of lower back pain and fatigue which was always due to being a mother of three. I was diagnosed because I contracted Uveitis which would not stay away and tests should me being HLA B27 + and an MRi confirmed it.

I really felt my worst in Feb/March 2013 where it was obvious I needed medication to live my life. Never under estimate the effect stress has on your disease. Shortly after my diagnosis my 13 year daughter was diagnosed as being HLA B27+ and having Spondyloarthropathy and RA. Yes, she was deemed Normal in August 2012 after I noticed her walk had changed I took her to a orthopedic where she had hip X-rays.  I went for a second opinion and was blown away when the orthopedic at HSS in NYC informed me that she needed a Rheumatologist quickly! I had still not processed the fact I had a disease I could not spell!

She has it way worse than I do so I have no right to complain or feel sorry for myself. On April 11th we started on having Humira Parties and it made a big difference for me, my daughter has not seen much improvement even with an increased dose to weekly and the addition MTX.

My daughter is my hero, living with this constant pain often drags me down, but considering everything she has been through and what is still to come she is still confident, outgoing, and always smiling.

I learn from her everyday and there is one thing we have found important.


Even if it is just 15 mins a day, you will feel better. Swimming or walking in the water is wonderful.

Face 1079aI guess we are two faces of AS and we blog

Bridget Gould

New Jersey, United States of America

One Response to “Bridget Gould”

  1. Dear Bridget,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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