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Hi , my name is Bharat and i am suffering from AS from last one year and i am just 18 year old and doing my studies.
A year ago it started with a back pain , i made a visit to my family doctor once and said i have been having pain and it was quite normal and bearable , he gave me a painkiller as i said incase if it becomes unbearable . The pain was gone and after few days it came back again i used every relieving gels and spary but it was just a temporary solution. One day , i was talking with my neighbour and i just described about the pain that i was having , she said adviced me to go to the Civil hospital and I told to my mom that i wanna show it once as she knew that place well and was used to many people , at night i was in the hospital the doctor took my X- ray and said its normal and it happens ….and i was like i am having a pain right there and you are saying its normal . The Doctor said you can show it to the main doctor in the morning when he arrives and i returned home back with the pain in my back .
The next day , I went to the mai Doctor and he suggested to go for MRI and to come back with the reports. I still remember that my MRI was done at 12:30 midnight and one of the uncle was with the doctors team who was doing the MRI when i came out of the room my mom was still waiting there , Then the Uncle came from behind and said the doctor said that there if facet joint diffusion at L3-L4 level and reports will be given the next day.
I was happy finally i knew why was it paining like hell , i went with those reports to the doctor and he explained me and said you can go for physiotherapy and it will get cured by that .So I started my physiotherapy , and i did it for a month but it was not Much effective and the pain started increasing , I complained about the increased in pain level and the physiotherapist changed the exercise but days passed and the pain got worse , I was not able to lift my leg , i was not able to stand from the bed , if i tried to walk there were chances i would sit down at the place ..I wonder what was going in my body , My diet was good , i was doing my exercise , but still what’s the reason my body is giving up .After few days the pain reduced and i went to the doctor and said what happened with me in the last few days this time the doctor was changed he suggested me the same thing and said “Continue what is going , what is written is right “…Then i asked what about the pain , why am i not able to lift my leg ? He prescribed me with medicines and i went back to the same routine .Mean while i showed my case in an Ayurvedic hospital and the also said for physiotherapy …..puff.
After 4 months of exercise and medicine, i was supposed to be cured but no it got worse , worse and worse .I sometimes thought of ending my life cause the pain had reached my mind .One day while sitting and doing my assignments i looked at her and cried “I can’t bear it more ….”. The next day she made her contact to Dad’s closest friend as my Dad was out of state . The uncle took me to one the doctor and he asked me about my history , and while looking at MRI he found something strange which no doctor had seen , because the were busy focusing on the paper in which the final report’s result was return .The doctor suggested me for two blood report’s and out of them one was Hlab-27 . The report came out to be positive i goy those report in the evening so i have to show him next morning .Mean while opened my laptop and googled about it and finally knew what the shit was happening and who was doing this . I went next day to the Doctor and his name is Dr.Bharat Tiwary and he was like the God whogave me a new life , He suggested that you are quite young and you will get cure if you go for Ayurvedic or Homepathic treatment.
From that day i have been regular to physiotherapy , side by side i am doing the ayurvedic treatment and have completed panchkarma treatment once and i have also the homeopathy medicine continue with it.But, after all this things the pain is still there but i am used to , I know what to do the only aim is I dont wanna let it get worsen up. After all this i still smile 🙂 .
My message to all the people out there suffering from AS ” Be strong and let’s stand out and show the world that we are one of the strongest human on earth .We can be an inspiration for someone , inspite of so many reason to give up we still fight and we will till our last breath 🙂

India, Asia

One Response to “Bharat”

  1. Dear Bharat,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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