Betty Dahlstedt

I can relate to the others that were told to lose weight, exercise, eat this, don’t eat that, it’s all in your mind and all the other things. I spent most of my life in New York City. Since 2000 I have been living in Sweden with a fabulous old man. (He is 83 and a retired weatherman) I ended up here as a result of trying to trace my father’s ancestors. He was born in Sweden in 1897. To cut a long story in half, I wrote to every Dahlstedt I could find in Sweden.
I ended up in contact a man that had researched all the Dahlstedts he could find. He sent me information about my father’s ancestors and of other relatives living in Sweden today. We had long conversations via email. I came for a visit in the summer of 1999. He came to New York City that November for my daughter’s wedding. It was then we thought that I would try to move to Sweden. I arrived here March 21st 2000.
Unfortunately, I had to bring all my unknown pains and problems along.
This past year I finally was told by my doctor the name of my disease. He really just whispered it quickly. He along with other doctors have tried me on the morphine drugs. First day I am fine, second day I am unable to keep food down, I am dizzy and miserable. For the past year I have been on Tryptizol. I was able to sleep. But it has stopped working. So it is back to the doctor soon.
I used to be able to do some real walking, but this is no longer the case. In the summer we live on a delightful little island in the Baltic Sea. Everyone goes to the beach on summer evenings to watch the sun set and sing in Swedish. I can no longer make my way to the beach. I did clear it for Mid-sommar celebrations, so I have that memory. To go any little distance outside I use crutches. I have a three wheel scooter for use in town, so I can do some things by myself. It is horrible to have to depend on others all the time.
The pictures I have attached show
                                                        1. Bosse and me at my daughter’s wedding.
                                                        2. The two of us at Christmas 2004
                                                        3. A close up of my face (2006)
                                                        4. The rainbow over our island this year.
                                                        5. Mid-sommar on the beach.


One Response to “Betty Dahlstedt”

  1. Dear Betty,
    Thank you for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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