Face 1135Hi, my friends call me Belle. I’m 47 and living outside Boise Idaho.
My diagnoses, I was 28 and pregnant with my3rd daughter when my SI joint was giving me fits. My Ob said its sciatica and will pass. I was barely able to stand or walk. It did seem to go away after the baby but coming back. My family doctor kept saying “it a pulled muscle” or “you just need to loose weight”. After 4 yrs. of it my podiatrist (who took care of my flares of plantar fasciitis ) referred me to new family dr. There is family history of fibro and lupus so I got copy of Duke University book of arthritis. Nothing totally fit my symptoms till AS. I met new dr with xrays and said “I think I have AS” He asked why and then said” ok but you’re a woman so let me show you on xrays how I know you do not have AS”. We looked at xray and he sat stunned and said “wow, this is where your AS shows up”. I applied for disability and their dr did same thing. I was approved in less than 2mo. I’ve been told id be wheelchair bound by 2002, I’m still walking. I came into this world fighting and will go out same way.I don’t have a day without pain, but at least I’m alive and still going. My second oldest daughter (now 26) was just diagnosed this summer.


Idaho, United States of America

Passed away July 26, 2017

One Response to “Belle”

  1. Dear Belle,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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