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I am 47.  I have had chronic joint pain since I was 29.  I was misdiagnosed for years, had hip surgery (bursa removed) and had all sorts meds that didn’t help.   For 15 years I had cortisone injections in my spine and hips every 3 – 4 months which were excruciating but did help for a small period of time.  I was finally diagnosed with AS 3 years ago and by this stage, it was progressing rapidly and I had limited movement in certain joints.  23 months ago, I was put on Humira injections which have helped immensely although I do still have the odd flare up in my smaller joints and breast bone and have to ride the storm.  However, I do have more movement and flexibility back but I am terrified that this won’t last.  I have recently been getting eye problems and the irritation can sometimes be unbearable.

This is a horrible condition, we are stuck with it for life and each individual has no idea how or if it will progress to the point where our joints will seize up all together or if it will remain the same.  It’s a scary thought not knowing what our future holds and I am sincerely glad that there are people in the same position who are trying to make others aware.

I hate that no one understands what we go through, I have given up even trying to explain to anyone how it feels.

Two years on and although I still get flare up’s, the Humira is still working it’s wonders.  I was pain free for our wedding last September and danced most of the night with my wonderful husband, family and friends.

My darling Dad was too ill to attend our wedding but he was with us all day in our thoughts and hearts, he sadly passed away shortly after the wedding.  We cancelled our honeymoon so that I could spend as much time with him as possible.  We are all still heartbroken and miss him every day but as promised to my lovely Dad, we rebooked the same trip and are heading off on a Mediterranean Cruise on 29th May.  I can’t wait to be ABLE to walk around Nice, Monaco, Naples, Rome, Florence, Venice, Dubrovnik and Montenegro….. I will be off that ship at every opportunity and soaking up every bit of our holiday.

Good wishes and love to you all, Audrey

Aberdeen, Scotland


One Response to “Audrey Ross”

  1. Dear Audrey,

    You have had a hard time, as I have. It is one of the main reasons I started this site, to help make people aware of our reality. For those of us, who can’t find the words to explain to others, I hope they will use our stories.
    Sincerely Cookie

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