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My Dreams, My Life

The Purpose of My Life

Dream Great

Ideas are not born in streets,

But they arise in your mind.

What they only need is the great dream

And a daring attitude

Now when the world badly needs heroes,

What are you looking for…

Come on dream great, do hard

And if you have the fire in your heart

Snatch the stars from the sky




No country n system born perfect, we have to make it perfect

don`t think that the system cannot change,

don`t think that India cannot change

we can change d world, system n our India

we can make a better tomorrow for us n our people

Let`s buried this system in its own coffin

n make a better tomorrow 4 ourselves






This is a story of a boy 11 years old. A simple boy from a typical lower middle class Indian family but few special things in his life were , his father an extra ordinary hard-working man, an elder brother like friend and his studies as he was studious and deeply interested in electronics. In a small town of a poor state of India he was treated exceptional as he can make electronics gadgets with the ease like any child makes drawings. Very bad at games and without any friend, the only friend is a soldering iron (a soldering electric gadget). He spent his all time with his books and electronics. Doing electronics and good at studies fetched a lot love for him from his elders and society. People treated him as wonder boy, so obviously this all made the boy to dream great.

Just one year later he read a biography, biography of ‘Ashok Chakra winner late Lt.Puneet Dutt of 11, Gorkha Rifles’. Being deeply inspired by his capital sacrifices, he began to see his future as a captain of Indian army and began to love arms, (here his second interest developed) but just in mean time everything washed out, his dreams, his aim and his studies. He got a deadly disease (Ankylosing Spondilytis) spent four years on bed and doctors denied his cure. He was 16 years old when his doctor told him that his disease affected his heart severely and he needs to go 1200 KM far the national capital (New Delhi) for the Open Heart Surgery (Valve Replacement), now it was disastrous not because he has to through one of the toughest surgery of human body but because his family hasn`t any money left for.

It is tough very tough to kill your dreams, to see yourself dying gradually, more of that to see your family which is ruining because of your medical treatment expenses. It was the first taste of extreme economic conditions for him. It is the time when your nearest and dearest one begins to ignore you, they treat you as the useless garbage and you feel the most terrible loneliness which destroy you completely and same happened with the boy, everyone left hope apart from the boy, perhaps he knew that he will win the battle of death and by defying all the predictions and statements of big doctors he stood up to prove he is still alive and he still can do something. It was March 2003 when he got operated for Heart Valve Replacement( Arotic Valve) and even doctors were surprised with his fast recovery from the major surgery.Now again he was ready to give a tough fight to this painful life of him.

But things got changed now, he experienced the extreme pain and importance of money, his life got changed now  he knows very well that only in few years he has to do lots of things as the body is degenerating fast,especially his hip joints and he hasn`t a big span of time. He got his purpose of life perhaps very early than a typical Indian boy. He born at a place which is the most flood affected area of the state , a district of India which is fertile but undeveloped perhaps due to nature`s anger or selfish politics. He has seen poverty, illiteracy and unhealthy conditions at its extreme .He has seen how a farmer`s family do the mass suicide due to local lenders` loan, how a brilliant student left his studies to fetch the bread and butter for his family, how a small kid die because parents hadn`t a single rupee for paracetamol in the night when he got severe fever, how a beautiful and intelligent girl compelled to marry with a handicapped man because parents hadn`t the money for dowry. This all compelled him to think is it the life of a human? Why anyone die due to lack of a rupee for medicine when the other one spending Rs.10 or more on his onetime smoking.

Now to get rid of these all problem became the purpose of life for the boy. He determined that he will serve the humanity and will change the scenario. He believed that if even a street dog is doing something for the society by eating roadside litter than why can`t an individual can do something for the betterment of society. He began searching the solution of these all problems and got that in the typical Indian way of living if a single person has the employment it can change the life of at least five other ones, means a single employment can address at least five persons problems (food, cloth, shelter, health and education) and with the good education those dependent five can address the problems of other 25 in the long run in the form of their own family, means few employments and a school can revolutionaries the life of hundreds of people and these both can easily arranged by industrialisation either on small or long scale. Few books like” the wings of fire” and “the power of thinking big” have motivated him and with the dream of a big business empire he began to work towards the fulfilment the purpose his life.

Now there was the time to begin his academics again, as it was the first love of him and in India you are nowhere without degrees even none for your parents, it is cruel but very true. For the sack of his dreams he left his favourite physics and science and began his studies but It was tough very tough, the continuous morphine treatment for more than 4 years made him hostile to any sensation now simple mathematical calculations becomes most tough one, to study, assimilate and present concepts in English was tough for a typical Hindi medium student. But he studied and studied like anything, he proved himself and got best student of the year award in first year of his graduation. It was the day of cry (a cry of happiness, the power of dreams proved itself). He founded a student club “THE GREAT DREAMERS” and used to call himself a great dreamer. He believed that dreamers are the most powerful men of the world and now he was proving it. But perhaps God wanted something different, his continuous pains and degeneration of body compelled him to stay in hospital instead of hostel very frequently. But this was not the limit, he had to go ahead, his dreams were calling him. For the feasibility of his ideas and to know more about the poverty, money, economy and finance he has joined MBA.As much as he studied he got to know that he is right and his ideas can be effective, he was right that with right plans and determination an individual can change the scenario so he can also.

Entrepreneurship –the other side of the life of the boy, with the gradual study of business, the interest has developed and the boy come with some of the very good ideas of microfinance and agriculture business which can help him to achieve his goal, his purpose of life. Each idea has the excellent capacity to generate huge employment and to use the great agricultural resources of India. The boy thought that India where more than 62% of population depends upon agriculture directly or indirectly and they are still undeveloped, you can`t developed India until and unless you develop them. They are mostly illiterate so you can`t teach them the language of technology and software. So to develop India in real means it is necessary that the poor condition of Indian agriculture and peasants should develop and for this there is the need of simplification of modern science and technology into local and understandable language and applications. Only then the basic agriculture can be developed and so India. The boy believes that with business applications we can address maximum problems of the human. This is only entrepreneurship which generates wealth and money and money can break the vicious circle of poverty, which is the cause of maximum of human suffering(including crime and terrorism).For him business is not a means of bread and butter but means of building a society without sufferings.

Now he is doing MBA with a good college, learning new things and trying to apply them in his idea. Yes he is still behind lots of people, still a layman for lots of business terms, still struggling for survival (both academically and physically) but good thing is that he is still in the his race, with fast degenerating body he doesn`t know for how many years he can struggle with his continuous unbearable pain but he still has great dreams, dreams for his people, his country and for a society without poverty. Every second day is the day of depression, he cries alone but every third day he stands up for his dreams, for the purpose of his life.

He is following his ideals Mr.Vikram Akula (SKS Micro finances) and Md Yunus (Gramin bank, Bangladesh),who are working on the same idea more or less with same ideology. This is all about the use of business application to eradicate human suffering and develop the human civilisation socio-economically and anthropologically.

His purpose of life and dreams are the biggest motivator for him. Despite of his all problems he still thinks:- Dream Great Keep Rocking …..3rd April,2012

Next inning of life after academics , He got placed with a good company but now there was time of health care, in November 2012 he went through Hip Joint Replacement in which faced serious troubles due to Pre – Cardiac problems.Spent 4 months at hospital and 3 months at home for recovery ,joined job later and after few months resigned. Now he is jobless but not work less,these days he is roaming around accessing his worth, his resources and helping needful as much as he can by all means…………he is planning for a start ,where he can fulfil his dreams.




India, Asia


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  1. Dear Ashwini,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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