Ashlee Harker


I have suffered for many years with lower back pain and lived on coco- damol to get through the days from 2006 until diagnosis in May 2013 as I’d developed iritis whilst sitting at my job in Asda on the checkout my eye started to stream and cutting a long story short I ended up leaving Asda as they wanted to sack me on medical grounds for the iritis and I didn’t think this was fair so I left. I’ve had a couple of little jobs since but my husband supports me now.

I am currently living in  mobile home/static caravan and been here a year and a half battling the council here to give us a home.  I was diagnosed with MS today so just another blow! Still onwards and upwards. Our housing appeal ends on Friday so we should get the decision any day now as living with mouldy rooms and no room is hard as on days I cannot wipe myself it’s so u dignified to have to get my husband to help me in the hallway of the caravan!!

Council lady is coming round Thursday to look at how living here is affecting us and hopefully she will see us having to sleep in the living room on the floor as our room is too damp and house us…yayyy!!!

I have AS, OS, Raynuds Syndrome, Heart valve trouble, need a double hip replacement and have lost 4 discs to fusing level with the middle of my breaststroke and now from today I have MS too. Sheweeee!!! I’m bloody wonder woman!!!

I am so grateful for standing strong support group as there have been dark days.

I am trying to push on with my life and be brave and strong for all around me…Some days easy some days it feels like it’s more than I have. I’m just 43!! Still AS has made me strong and there around re plenty of people worse of than me.

England, United Kingdom

One Response to “Ashlee Harker”

  1. Dear Ashlee,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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