A.S. Faces Gets Face 1000


Today is the four year anniversary of Stuart’s death A.S. Face 500.

It is also the day we reach our goal of 1000 Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis.

I started The Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis On Oct. 8, 2011 and here is what we have accomplished so far.

503, 186 Views of our website.

Faces of AS = 1000

Men = 329

Women = 671

Youth = 24

United States of America=670

Alabama = 11

Alaska = 4

Arizona = 10

Arkansas =8

California =57

Colorado =19

Connecticut = 12

Delaware =2

Florida =24

Georgia =22

Hawaii =3

Idaho =7

Illinois =16

Indiana =18

Iowa =5

Kansas =3

Kentucky =4

Louisiana =8

Maine =9

Maryland =7

Massachusetts =8

Michigan =22

Minnesota = 12

Mississippi = 2

Missouri =10

Montana =2

Nebraska =4

Nevada =4

New Hampshire =4

New Jersey =11

New Mexico =4

New York =28

North Carolina =26

North Dakota = 2

Ohio =24

Oklahoma =11

Oregon = 20

Pennsylvania =27

Rhode Island =1

South Carolina =6

South Dakota =6

Tennessee =24

Texas =73

Utah =10

Vermont =1

Virginia =12

Washington =34

District Of Columbia =1

West Virginia =6

Wisconsin =21

Wyoming =5

Mexico =11





Nuevo Leon=2


Canada: 84

Alberta, Canada =11

British Columbia, Canada =14

Manitoba, Canada =6

New Brunswick, Canada =4

Nova Scotia, Canada =2

Ontario, Canada =33

Prince Edward Island, Canada =1


Saskatchewan, Canada =2

Central America=3

Costa Rico, Central America =1

Dominican Republic, Central America =1

Guatemala, Central America =1

South America=1



Mauritius, Africa =1

South Africa, Africa =8

Asia: 22

Afghanistan, Asia =1

China, Asia =1

India, Asia =9

Indonesia, Asia =1

Malaysia, Asia =3

Nepal, Asia =1

Pakistan, Asia =2

Philippines, Asia =2

South Korea=1

Syria, Asia =1

United Arab Emirates, Asia =1


Belgium, Europe =3

Croatia, Europe =1

Denmark, Europe =2

Estonia, Europe =3

France, Europe =3

Germany, Europe =3

Greece, Europe =5

Italy, Europe =2

Malta, Europe =1


Portugal, Europe -1

Russia, Europe =1

Spain, Europe =2

Sweden, Europe =1

United Kingdom, Europe =246

England, United Kingdom =95

Ireland, United Kingdom =13

Scotland, United Kingdom =13

Wales, United Kingdom =6

Australia =31

New South Wales, Australia =8

Queensland, Australia =10

Tasmania, Australia =3

Victoria, Australia =5

Western Australia, Australia =3

New Zealand =1

Please remember this is the work of one person, and I try to be as accurate as possible, there are some Faces that I do not know their location and some that I may have done incorrectly, but I thought it would be cool, to see it laid out.

Wouldn’t be wonderful to have someone from every country!

Hope you have fun reading it,

Sincerely Cookie

7 Responses to “A.S. Faces Gets Face 1000”

  1. Cookie
    How excited you must be to reach your goal of 1000 Faces. What a wonderful resource this is. Kudos to you !!

  2. CONGRATS & BIG THANK YOU Cookie! This was truly a labor of love and we are all so grateful and honored to be a part of it! Love Sue AS Face 928 xoxoxoxo

  3. Cookie, Thanks for this. YOu helped me realize there is a large population of people who suffer as i do. Thanks for your vision and your hard work.

  4. Who would have thought there would be 1000 people with this disease willing to post their face and story. This disease is no longer about suffering in silence. Cookie you did it!! Good job! I can’t think of anyone more perfect to be the Momma of this movement. You make us all proud! I am proud to call you my friend. Much Love girlie!!!

  5. I am most honored to be a part of your mission. Cookie, you are an amazing lady with pure passion that has saved lives and united those of us who have been reaching out of the darkness, fighting for that hand which reached out and saved us, and to that I am truly blessed. Thank you for giving me strength to pull myself up, stand tall, and ready to go for whatever lies ahead with my personal mission from here. I’m ready for that opportunity.
    Thank You Cookie!
    Candyce Sindelir, Faces #700

  6. Hi Cookie
    congrads and well done on reaching you goal, i am very proud and honoured to be part of it all,it great to know that so many others are out there for support and willing to share their stories, it has been a great educational journey also to pick up tips here and there, that was a great coverage in the digital news well done

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