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Hi there, my name is Annette and I to am an AS warrior. My journey began about 10 years ago with what I thought was just the start of the usual little niggles that begin in your 30’s. How wrong was I! I slowly went from being a fun-loving, active mother of two lovely boys to an exhausted, irritable and scared-out-of-my-mind shell of a person. After countless hospitalizations, specialists and ineffective treatments, I was finally diagnosed with AS 4 years ago. Boy was it a relief to finally have a name for my pain… I wasn’t going crazy… it wasn’t all in my head!
It’s been a long road but I’ve found my way back to being me…. a different version but me all the same. I’ve lost a lot along the way…. friends, my job, an inch off my height, but I’ve gained a lot too… new, more understanding friends, a more fulfilling job and a couple of inches on my waist (you have to laugh)! I’ve also picked up a few extra conditions since I started this journey… all AS-related and funnily enough, always starting in September! My Husband and I have a bet every year to see who guesses the next one correctly… so far I’m winning… yay!

What I’ve learned along the way…. Life has a way of working out. It may not always take you in the direction you plan on but that doesn’t mean you are lost. It just means you need to get out your map and find a different road. Just remember to pack your meds and heat pads in the trunk!


Annette Reid

One Response to “Annette Reid”

  1. Dear Annette,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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