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hi my fellow as ers,my name is andy and i live near bristol,England, i was diagnosed with AS in my early 20s,im now 44,i really struggled with the pain and the stiffness early on,i was put on various medications but nothing really helped,i was discharged from my  hospital in the mid 90s and basically told get on with it,which i did. Fast forward to 2011,the majority of the pain has gone,(i put it down to fused joints)but im left with a lack of mobiltity in  my spine,which i tend to manage with exercise,i was taking 120mg of arcoxia which was helping. I have a 17yr old son who was showing signs of the same disease,well to cut a long story short he was put on enbrel and within a week he was pain free. I decided to make a fresh appointment with another rheumy at southmead hospital bristol as i havent been seen by anybody for years and wanted to know if my disease was progressing(although i didnt feel to bad) apart from a stiff neck,i went down the physiotherapy route and as i had active disease(apparent from blood tests) i was informed  that i was eligable for enbrel too,i started  enbrel late 2011 and it has made so much difference,my crp and esr levels went back to normal. I try and keep active,i’m back to playing football(soccer) and jog regularly,i still suffer from aches and pains but its pretty manageable,the biggest issue is fatigue.  ps the picture is from last week when i took part in a charity 30mile walk over the mendip hills,lots of up and downs and mahoosive blisters,it took 12 hours to complete(non stop)couldnt done it without enbrel


England United Kingdom

One Response to “Andy”

  1. Dear Andy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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