Ahmy Dye

Face 992I suffered with the pain and stiffness, asking myself was it from all the years of playing sports? Finally I went to my doctor and they in turn sent me to a rheumatology doctor. The first couple of years I got shots in my knees and elbows, and then I was put on NSID and pain medicine. On a scale from one to ten, I was about an eight on every visit. This went on for three years. There was not a scale high enough to rate my pain at home and work. The pain was getting worse and worse. People at work would ask why every time I got up from my desk I would make noises. I didn’t even realize I made such a sound. It was the pain and stiffness. After bending down to look for some files in a box and having to ask co-workers to help me get up because I had frozen in place I decided it was time to demand some answers. I made an appointment with my Doctor. After blood test and an MRI the answer I wasn’t expecting was “you have Ankylosing Spondylitis,” here is your first shot of Enbrel. The nurse came in so fast and gave me the shot I didn’t have time to even think about what I had just been told. I was handed a pamphlet and a prescription. Over the years I have had numerous shots in my back to relieve my sciatica and it helps for a couple of months. Other than that, my story is pretty much the same as of the rest of my ASers. It’s hard to get out of bed every morning because the pain is so bad. I’ve tried Humira and now I am on Simponi.
I took care of my partner for the last two years and she passed away three months ago. They said the pain would get worse and they were right.
It’s pretty depressing when your disease is so unpredictable.
I get up and walk every morning and try to relieve my back pain by taking a swim in my pool. I pray for a cure and for every Aser out there.

Texas, United States of America

One Response to “Ahmy Dye”

  1. Dear Ahmy,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Please accept my sincerest condolences,
    Sincerely Cookie

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