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Hi. My name is Adrian and I am 47 years old. Having had nearly 20 + years of symptoms that came and went I eventually ended up with an ENT surgeon that suspected vasculitus. After many trips to many consultants (one of which was a rheumatologist ) I had no answers but all recognized clinical symptoms of something???. I was eventually told to try eastern medicine as western medicine had finished with me.  Persistence paid off and I found a rheumatologist who tore everything up and started again.  She found i was Hla b27 positive and had sacrolitis and enthesitis showing on xray and mri’s. I have declining basdai scores and am just starting a second 3 month trial of an NSAID. A Depo medrone shot proved a miracle as well after a trial shot.  I am told the plan is get me through the criteria to get me onto tnf blockers. Time will tell but I feel relieved things are now moving forwards now I have my diagnosis at long last !! Kept going….never give up.

One Response to “Adrian”

  1. Dear Adrian,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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