Adam Pascoe

Face 1054My name is Adam Pascoe and I’ve had arthritis as early as 12 and since I was 25 I’ve had symptoms of AS but had a mis-diagnosis. Since 2011, the hospital confirmed I had AS and then I went through the 6 month monitoring period to get sponsored for the Humira medication. So, 2 years on with my new family, I’m managing to get by each day, and literally fighting each day to make sure this doesn’t drag me down.

Before my son was born, I knew I needed to lose weight and so I focussed on my health and managed to lose 7 kg. It helped however trying to lose more is a hard effort whilst suffering pain and having asthma.

Now i live a life where i’m reliant on physical activity but pulled backwards by the debilitating pain therefore preventing what i need to do. Whilst living through this, I’m on pain management medication for life as long as no complications occur.

I’m grateful for everything i have today but still struggle to maintain a fully satisfying life to be able to happily enjoy everything I have. My main focus in life is that i can provide for my family and ensure they do not suffer what i go through.

Thanks for reading my story.

England, United Kingdom

One Response to “Adam Pascoe”

  1. Dear Adam,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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