A.S. Faces Apple for AS

The Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis received a beautiful tribute today..

A Faces of AS Apple For AS, by Jenna Visscher

The Feeding Edge

Jennifer Visscher

Faces of A.S. Apple – Apples For AS 2013 Day 8


Congratulations to Cookie Hopper and Faces of Ankylosing Spondylitis! 

Cookie had a vision to gather 1000 faces and stories of people living with a form of Spondylitis. Two years ago today she set out on an epic journey to reach her goal. Many thought it could not be done and that the goal was too big but she proved her critics wrong and a couple of weeks ago she posted Face 1000! Cookie is not only the keeper of our stories, she is also a very good person with a heart of – blue – and gold!

This apple is for you Cookie – congratulations on a job well done!

Your work and vision is something that this community needs so much – for our voices and stories to be heard. You, my friend, are an awareness goddess!

Until tomorrow,


One Response to “A.S. Faces Apple for AS”

  1. A beautiful tribute to a beautiful lady xxxx

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