A.S. Faces Has Banners!

These Beautiful Banners were designed for us by Jennifer Krueger A.S. Face 0031

Thank you so much!

2 Responses to “A.S. Faces Has Banners!”

  1. Thank you Cookie, received my blue band “I Am The Face Of Ankylosing Spondylitis. My Rheumy noticed it today inquire about it. No Remicade at this time due to the “C” so I’m back on Humeria, Methrotrexate,along with Folic Acid. Say’s it will help my Iritis. Hosptial again today xray looking now at hip replacements. A.S. Awarenss is necessary in every familys lives these days.
    Are we ready to appear on Ellen? Glad to see you got my name on the wall of Faces of A.S. along with my first grade picture. Will update picture, along with showing Im wearing my Blue Bands proudly. May I send you a check,or Stamps. Lost 25 pounds in two weeks since my procedure . Weight loss in my appreciated,but with being recently diagnosed with the Big “C” it’s just coming off daily. Back again this week. Thanks Again, Cookie, God Bless..I’m will continue to Stand Tall through A.S. Iritis and the cancer bit. Positive attitude the goal. It’s a hard road and all A.S. patients will agree with it.

    Thanks Again,


    • Rememember Jonathan you have all of us now… I am always here for you. Yep! Im ready to get started with Ellen!

      You let me know when you are ready to start..

      Love Cookie

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