A.S. Face 2012: Jenifer Bryan

My name is Jenifer Bryan I’m 43 I have been dealing with all kinds of things going on with my body. I had no clue at all. About 12 years ago these knots showed up some would go away but some stayed. I was scared very scared. My mom died at 54 I was feeling some of the same stuff that she was feeling. I can remember her always in pain. But OMG she was a tough woman. I do understand her pain now. I will never know if she had AS or what she what was really had. Oh, I miss her daily! So 3-4 years ago I started looking into gastric bypass I found (2015)out that I was diabetic. Right then I changed what sugar I put into my mouth. But that was not enough. I still hurt I couldn’t get out of bed. I kept this all to myself never really had insurances until 1-2107. So I start finding out what was really going on with me… the first doctor I talked to OMG she understood me she looked at me and said I will help you. She ran all kinds of blood work I thought I was going to run out of blood.. lol But hey I did not!! So my labs came in she had that look. I will never forget it. She look at and said you need to go out to a specialist.. so she sent me to my first  rheumatologist boy that was a no good. The Dr told me that it was all my weight.. I tried to tell her NO but wait I was over 470pounds give or take. That my weight was at 365 that day what her nurse did.. but she is not listen to me. Went back to PCP.. so she sent me to a wonderful doctor (rheumatologist) but ohhhh it was a 6 months wait!! Ok in the mean time I went to a Allergy&Asthma doctor I found out that I have urticaria boy that a fun one.. then my day with the new doctor! I was in shock he was amazing he understood me as well.. he ran more labs. Then I was b27+! I still trying to find the right medicine that is for me. But with God’s help we will find it and God will give me the reason to fight.
I have 4 children 26,24,18 and a6 year old as well. One grandson 2yrs and one one the way! I have to fight I will keep fight I love my family!
New Hampshire, United States of America

One Response to “A.S. Face 2012: Jenifer Bryan”

  1. Dear Jenifer,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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