A.S. Face 1945: Nikki Rutter

I’m Nikki Rutter, a fellow AS suffer all the way from England. I was diagnosed approximately just over 2 1/2 years ago after spending 5 weeks in Hospital, with severe pain between the shoulder blades, struggling to walk, and unable to use my hands properly, it also was affecting my lungs. It took another 3 months after the onset of my illness for anything to show up on MRI Scans and was unable to get a formal diagnosis till then. I was a bit of a mystery till my formal diagnosis’s, I had lots of tests and even a bone scan, bone biopsy but nothing showed up in the beginning ..  To this day I still struggle with my health, I’m currently on Humira and use diet to help .. Thank you for listening to my story.

England, United Kingdom, Europe

2 Responses to “A.S. Face 1945: Nikki Rutter”

  1. Dear Nikkl,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hi Nikki anytime you feel like reaching
    out , feel free too. I’ve been slammed
    by A.S. for over 50 years now. Nobody
    truly understands unless they have it too.
    My body is a host to many health issues.
    I have no secret answers but will gladly
    keep in touch with you if you feel like it.
    I don’t know why but I’m soooo hesitant
    to put my FACE on Cookies wonderful
    website. She pulled a lot of us together.
    I’ve been following for almost 6 years now.
    We’re not alone but I bet every single one
    of us feel like we are truly alone at many points.
    I’m old enough to be your grandma 🙀
    My heart goes out to you and all the others.
    ♥️☮️ audieann@hotmail.com

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