A.S. Face 1899: Tony

Face 1899

I have had A.S for over 20 years. It effected my whole body and every joint. I was in painkillers which were getting stronger. Then I was on crutches due to severe hip problems, then steroid injections. I was begging for hip replacements but was told I was too young. I kept being offered Anti TNF Embrel injections which I was afraid of. I did not want to be reliant on anything that going to poison my body, weaken the immune system. Being prone to diseases and death, i though, NO. Embrel is not for me. There must be another way.

I started to get severely down, and my physical and metal health and general life was becoming intolerable. I knew was going to get worse and worse. So I decided to take a stand and fight back. After extensive research, I discovered what could potentially help. It was weight bearing exercises and the correct nutrition could.

So I tried, and now 2 years later, I have just updated my blog to hopefully inspire and encourage anyone else who is suffering, from what I can say now, unnecessarily. My only regrets were listening to the advice of the health “professionals”. If I had continued to listen AND take there advice, I would be in a very worse place than I am today. All they were concerned with was which medicating they could give me.

My story begins in the link below for anyone. Anyone who has heard its possible or impossible to revert A.S, but are afraid to try. I have explained in my blog, everything “I” would want to know before limping on board hopefully at the end of the journey, to have the ability to literally  jump off. It certainly was no walk-in-the-park at first, but no pain, no gain really is the key for success and consuming the correct nutrition for the bodies needs which no doctor or professional ever mentioned.



3 Responses to “A.S. Face 1899: Tony”

  1. Dear Tony,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Thanks for sharing. Like you I made the decision to exercise and eat a good clean diet. I am 58 years old, lift weights, walk and my diet excludes wheat , grains and gluten. This has proven to be one of the best decisions for me because I take no prescription drugs and feel good and mostly I live an active life.

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