A.S. Face 1870: Elizabeth Maines

Face 1870

Hello fellow tin men and women:

That’s how I have described how I feel…like the Tin Man or rather woman.  I was diagnosed about three years ago.  I have been struggling with chronic iritis since 1995 and finally an ophthalmologist suggested that I see a rheumatologist.  The irony is, that I had also been struggling with symptoms of AS since I was a teen.  However, it was always minimized and suggested that I somehow injured myself — since I was very active.  I was also tested by previous opthmologists for HLA-B27 but no one ever told me that I was positive nor what it might mean to my condition.  So here I am in my 50’s with fusion in different areas of the spine.  I try to stay active but some days its really difficult after working an eight hour day with an hour commute each way to work.  The fatigue and/or pain can be overwhelming sometimes.

I gave up skiing because I’m not very good and I worry that I will break off one of the bone growths and become disabled.  I am on Remicaid which helps for now.  I self medicated for years with Advil and ruined my stomach and kidneys.  This, before I was diagnosed with AS. It’s still the best medicine but I cant take it.

I am so glad this site is available to us and others who want to learn about AS.

Happy 2018 and much peace and good health in the new year, Liz

Elizabeth Maines

New Mexico yes it’s a state in the United States in between Arizona and Texas.  LOL


One Response to “A.S. Face 1870: Elizabeth Maines”

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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