A.S. Face 1545: Rana Navid Anwaar Khan

Face 1545 Face 1545a Mohammed Navid Anwaar khan S/O Rana Anwaar Ul Haq

Was born 2 March 1974, a Geographer, Geo-Entrepreneur, Social worker, businessman, and the founder & president of Pakistan Geography Alumni Association & Peoples with disability organization. Mohammed Navid is serving as Geographer Entrepreneur for the country who introduced a state of art scientific and educational website for Geography students in 2012. http://www.pakgaa.com . PAKGAA has contributed to the advancement of geography subject.
Born in Faisalabad and complete his graduation from Govt Post graduate College Faisalabad. After that trained as a Geographer at Govt Post-Graduated College Asghar Mall in Rawalpindi. During in his study of MSc Part One start the severe pains in different parts of body and actually it is start of a cruel disease Ankylosing Spondylitis, previously known as Bechterew’s.
This disease is a chronic inflammatory disease of the axial skeleton, with variable involvement of peripheral joints and nonarticular structures which are diagnosed after 9 years studies. With this disease he passed his Master Degree in 1998 and got job as internee in LOOT Advertisement Paper Blue Area Islamabad .After 10 months he moved to back home and start business of security surveillance, with the passage of time pain of joints going increase.  After that in 2005 he joined an IT company INBOX working as Key Account Manager and in 2006 than switched to another IT Company Computer Super Market as Sales Manager and working there till date. In 2011 he came to know that both hip joints damaged and need to change with artificial joints. Finally, in September 2011 he replaced one hip replaced and second hip is pending due to financial reasons till date but Alhamdulillah his moral high to do something for peoples of disabilities, as well as young Geographers and he is running 2 NGOs first is for Geographers PAKGAA and second is Peoples with disability organization.
He pays thanks to his CEO of his IT Company Mr.Naeem Siddiqui who helped him a lot that why he is still on his job. Mr.Naeem Siddiqui is also a role model in private sector who helps the PWDs and facilitates them. He set a great example for others private company owners.
“Peoples with disability organization” is working form last 2 years for the accessibility and self defense. It is not foreigner funded organization they run it by his own finance and with the help of local community. Main aim of this platform is to raise voice for the rights of disable especially for the students of universities.
Mr.Navid is also working as bureau chief Faisalabad with Pakistan Special Magazine from last year. He has been working to create awareness through articles, success stories, interviews and features within the society about the special needs of PWDs specially focus and covering the outreach areas PWDs stories Problems solutions.
With this disease when a hip joint mobility is less than 10 percent as Geographer he organized 2 mega events on latest tool of Geography GIS. (GIS DAY 2013 & GIS day 2014).It is great honor of his organization PAKGAA which is sponsored for GIS day form American company ESRI. He arranged a mega event GIS DAY in 20-November 2014 and travelled 1500 kilometers in his 3 days tour for the kids of Danish School Jhand Attock,students of Govt college university Faisalabad and PMAS-Arid University Rawalpindi where he celebrate the GIS day with them, also distribute souvenirs,Shields,gifts and certificates. In this condition it is a great barrier which he cross and set a example for other PWDs.He is wheelchair bounded and believe that “It is my will & passion which moves me ahead not the wheels….”
Mr.Navid has been working as IT professional and running 2 NGOs with this chronic disease. He is first Geo-Entrepreneur introduced a term in Geography, “GEO-AGRI Tourism” and working on it from last years and conducted 3 events on it.(Dine in with nature, national Citrus Festival, Tunnel Farming & Kitchen Gardening ).

“By the grace of all mighty I feel happier than a normal man because it is my Allah SWT s will and we are selected special human beings”

Face 1545b

CEO Pakistan Geography Alumni Association presenting certificate to

Principal Danish School Jhand Attock

19 November 2014

Face 1545c

HOD Geography Department Miss Ayesha (GC University Faisalabad) Presetting Shield to Mohammed Navid Anwaar khan.

21 November GIS DAY 2014

Face 1545d

AS CEO Pakistan Geography Alumni Association Presenting SHIELD & Soveniours

TO Prof. Dr. Rai Niaz Ahmad VC PMAS Arid University Rawalpindi.

20 November 2014

Face 1545e Face 1545f

Dine in with Nature

25 December 2014

Face 1545g

Mohammed Navid Anwaar khan Bureau Chief Faisalabad Pakistan Special Magazine

presenting his magazine to Vice Chairperson Parks & Horticulture Faisalabad.

Face 1545h

Pakistan, Asia

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 1545: Rana Navid Anwaar Khan”

  1. Dear Rana,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Nice work I solute u ..

  3. Welcome to our group, Rana! Congratulations on all of your wonderful accomplishments, and for your outstanding efforts to raise awareness for Ankylosing Spondylitis. I wish you all the best!

  4. Thanks a lot !!! 🙂

  5. Thank you Mr.Khan for sharing your story.It is very inspiring!

  6. Finally I discovered the herbal diet treatment of AS.So cheap prices and effective for AS patients. Anyone can get that hers from me.00923125823636

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