A.S. Face 1542: Darren McPhee

Face 1542

November 6, 1984 – May 21, 2018

I don’t have much of a story.  To be honest, I only found this site because I am not in a great psychological state.  Thankfully the site has shown I’m not alone.
I’ve been told I have a bad back for years.  They only found the AS two years ago because they were scanning for cancer (which is a whole different story).   So far I’ve been very disappointed in my medical care and hopefully I can give them a shove based on the knowledge I have gained from other people’s stories.
The above picture was taken this time last year.  I could stand, walk, etc.  Now, I can’t stand without two canes and extreme pain.  I have a wheelchair and can’t sit in it for long again due to pain.
I don’t see much light at the end of the tunnel at the moment.  This won’t inspire anyone, it just felt good to get it out.  And thank you to the others who have posted on here.
Darren McPhee, from Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

8 Responses to “A.S. Face 1542: Darren McPhee”

  1. Dear Darren,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Please don’t give up. Try to find a good rheumatologist and pray.

  3. Hey DArren, Just hang in there .it sucks I know. I’m losing the able todo many things too. When you read some of these post your like how car then do that. I believe it is just different stages of AS . One day they too will be like us. I wish you all the best and also I have the dark days too. As many of us with AS do. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

    • Charley—you are correct! There are so many people who can do remarkable things while having A.S.! Unfortunately, it is a challenge for me to walk any distance without pushing a cart! And there have been days when I cannot get out of bed and walk without first going in and getting a shot from my pain management doc! Thanks for sharing!!!

  4. I completely understand! I am so frustrated myself. Same thing back pain for years. this last year I use handicap carts at the store while people stare assuming im just being lazy. I have good days and bad ones so bad I can’t even move. You are not alone!!!

  5. Darrin,
    Please know you are not alone! Get with a rheumatologist and ask to start on a biologic medication like Humera or Enbril. They do work wonders! I was where you are until I started Remicaid. I still have bad days and don’t work due to pain. But, life is so much better on this medication. I will keep you in my prayers! Message me anytime, I will listen. I am AS Face 510.
    Take care,
    Nadean Amen

  6. Hello, Darren,
    I hear the despair in your voice! But don’t give up, no matter what!

    AS is all throughout my family: my father, my siblings, myself, and now my own children. Although I do not, of course, know your story, I do know my life experiences.

    My father was terribly afflicted with this disease, living most of his life before much was really known about it. His illness began while he was in his teens. He never had any of the treatment options now available. His body was fully fused by the time he was in his 30’s. He had canes, a wheelchair, and extreme mobility restrictions. However, he had a beautiful life–always exhibiting his quiet encouragement by the way he lived. He was courageous, brilliant, innovative, creative, loving, gentle–and such a dear man! His persistence improved the lives of many.

    Be in touch with others to help you find support, comfort, and encouragement that this disease cannot define you; it does make you think about things differently, but life can still be full and rich.

    Wishing you all the best,

  7. Dear Darren: Thank you for sharing. You are not alone! You can unburden yourself here at any time! We can take it! Are you currently seeing a rheumatologist? I have had a ‘bad back’ most of my life, and for years, no one could tell me what it was. Since I have been diagnosed with A.S., I can, at least, get treatment for it. There are all kinds of treatment for the pain and mobility issues, from which you are suffering. I wish you all the best with finding and seeing a rheumatologist to help you get back to normal (somewhat). I wish you all the best. Keep in touch and let us know how you are doing!
    Stephania (Face #445)

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