A.S. Face 1500: Michael Friend

 Face 1500

My beautiful boy and his Mama, Catherine Friend Tidman.


New Jersey, United States of America

2 Responses to “A.S. Face 1500: Michael Friend”

  1. Dear Catherine,
    Thank you so much for the honor of allowing Michael to be part of my vision.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Dear Cookie,
    It will be 4 years this October 18th that I lost my precious baby boy,Mikey.I remember telling you that “one day”I would write his story……trying to do this today.I’ll see how far I get.
    Mikey was the best child anyone could have asked for. And,boy,was he beautiful! White blond hair and huge baby blue eyes and a smile that would light up a room…..a hard act to follow since he was the baby of 4 children.And,as he grew,that personality just grew right along with him and he was the one that all eyes turned to. Why?I can’t explain it……people just LOVED him.Period.
    Unfortunately,also as he grew,so did those “little” aches and pains….didn’t stop him,though! He just kept right on going.His demeanor would remind you of Robin Williams….zany,funny as hell,and willing to go that extra mile to help anyone and tell them,that he only wanted to “make his Mama proud of him and that she taught him to help others”.WOW! He would say these things to me so nonchalantly….but to me,they were PRICELESS.I ADORED him and visa -versa…..I was SO very lucky.But,back to the pain stuff. It started in his hip,which grew extremely painful. He was working as a rug cleaner/house cleaner for “turnovers”,on the Outer Banks of N.C.which will kill your body,even if it was a healthy one! I went down there,with him and his GF, to an Orthopod to whom he was referred.We were on the floor laughing by the time the doc came into the room….the more scared Mikey got,the funnier he became and,for some reason,docs scared him.So,the doc walks into the exam room which was more like a Comedy Club at that point.It was a good visit;the doc ordered an MRI(thank God he got on it right away after telling him of the family history of AS) , Well,the MRI showed a HUGE kidney!!!Not what we were expecting,for sure! AND,a completely fused right hip.So,now to 2 more doctors….Nephrology and Rheumatology.The kidney eventually came out….they sucked that thing right out…AMAZING! And,after that,the Rheumatologist told him he had AS,of course,after appropriate testing.He was started on “beginner” drugs and then,in conjunction, to Pain Management,because he was always in excruciating pain,no matter what…..P.T.,O.T.,water therapy,chiropractic,yoga,walking,etc. I believe that Michael started to use other non-prescribed drugs because he just couldn’t get out of pain.Not a great idea for anyone to do,but many have tried ,myself included.
    To be continued…….

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