A.S. Face 1479: Christelle

Face 1479

My name is Christelle , 39 years old, from the little island of Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean (just in case you never heard about Mauritius 🙂

I have been suffering from lower back pains since I was 16 years old… pains becoming more and more severe as the years were passing! Have seen many doctors but none of them could put a name of what I had… was even said that it was all in my head!!

I got married to a wonderful man, Gerald and in August 2002 gave birth to a little girl, Marinne…
Unfortunately, since then the pain increased and in 2004, I saw a Rhumatologist and finally after blood tests done, was diagnosed with an Ankylosing Spondylitis!

Since then, have been on different classical treatment but none really working! More and more everyday life is becoming harder and harder! I hardly sleep… I continue my exercises but still pain is unbearable! The sacro-illiac joints are more and more painful as well as other parts of the body. Have had to reduce time of  work, was a Personal Assistant… I go when I can… My bosses are very understanding and they support me…

I have been blessed with another little girl in 2005, AlizĂ©e… Premature because I was suffering too much so we had to induce the birth… her first years have been hard… often sick but she is a fine little lady now…

My doctor wants me to go on Humira treatment, but unfortunately financially that’s impossible for us. As you know its a very expensive treatment and we dont get help from government for such treatment…

Anyway, life is hard but I want to hang on… I have been blessed with a wonderful family and I do not loose hope that one day all this will be behind me… I am surrounded by family and friends and my faith in God keep me going!

I am happy to share my story with you as I know you know what I face each day…

Thank you for having read me… I have cut a long story short though! But thank you…



Mauritius, Africa



3 Responses to “A.S. Face 1479: Christelle”

  1. Dear Christelle,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Thank you so much Cookie for your wonderful of reuniting all of these lives here with a common denominator AS… Since I sent you my story, things have changed as I have done some fundraising and with the help of family and friends and the credit card 🙂 as the treatment costs about USD 1600 per month!! In fact the treatment comes from Abbvie SouthAfrica as it is not available in Mauritius.I have been able to start the Humira treatment since last December… I am also continuing the methotrexate with that… We are really praying that this treatment works and that I can be pain free!! Thank you once again…



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