A.S. Face 1423: Brian Mattar

Face 1423


Our son Brian Mattar  then 17 yrs old started to have some pain and discomfort in March 2013 with  his hip. He didn’t think anything of it thought he pulled a muscle due to his workouts so PT was done for about 6 month. Played his junior ur of football with horrible pain,  but then one night in mid sept we knew something was not right when he txt me saying he could barely move.
Told his pediatrician this is not normal for a young kid athletic healthy to feel this way she sent us to a n adult rhuematologist  that dr did a genetic blood test  X-rays bone scan MRI and finally after a year and 1 month he was diagnosed with AS.
It was hard for him his senior year of football was suppose to be one of his best and unforgettable years and it was. Dr put him on Enbrel and for 6 months it worked but then we noticed his color changed and he was feeling worse. His liver enzymes were high he had anemia even his Vitamin D level was high I was getting frustrated b/c the drs did not inform us of his blood test until 2 weeks later when they called saying we had to stop the Enbrel. I was very unhappy with this dr and started to find a new one. We were very fortunate to have our football family help us find a pediatric rheumatologist she then confirmed his diagnosis and said he needed to have aggressive treatment to hopefully put the AS in remission.
Even thru the pain he kept playing what he loves Football.
We are still not sure if he will get the clear to play football in college and it has been very difficult he has his good days and his bad and unbearable days but he is a warrior  and such a courageous kid.
We have been blessed to have the support of our family, his team mates, coaches, football family his school and all our friends.
He has been touched so many lives and he is humbled by all the love and support shown to him. Having Faith that he will get better and have a bright a pain free future.
Hopefully he can go on to do what he loves to play for the love of the game!
North Carolina, United States of America

One Response to “A.S. Face 1423: Brian Mattar”

  1. Dear Brian,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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