A.S. Face 1387: C.L.

1387 1387a

I was diagnosed with AS in December of 2011. Ever since I can remember, I was had low back pain and severe issues with my stomach, they were so bad that at least once a year growing up, I would end up hospitalized for extreme pain and dehydration. During September of 2011, I started to have issues with my left eye. It look like pink eye, but it did not itch or have any discharge. I called my primary doctor and said I may have pink eye (due to googled images off line), I may need some eye drops. He sent me out a prescription for pink eye, within 5 days, it was worse. Long story short, after finally going to an ophthalmologist and five eye drops later, my eye finally was brought under control. The blood test showed that I had the HLB- 27 gene and I made an appointment to the rheumatologist, who wanted to put me on five different medicines to start, due to the results from his round of blood tests. After researching everything, I decided to change my whole lifestyle and diet. I went on a low starch diet. It has seemed to make a difference in my life, as far as pain and overall well being. Don’t get me wrong, somedays are better than others and I live with the pain, but I am blessed because I am still independent.

New York, United States Of America

3 Responses to “A.S. Face 1387: C.L.”

  1. . From the looks of your picture, you’re doing everything right! I don’t want to butt into your life, and I’m all for a low starch diet, but is that diet going to keep the iritis in check? Mine came back four times before we dialed up the meds enugh-and I haven’t had it for 8 years. Don’t be afraid of it, it’s very treatable if it comes back, but Just “keep an eye on it” (badda bing-badda bang).

  2. Dear C.L.,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  3. I found you on google maps…
    My name is Michele, I live in Lockport, New York.
    I only know of one other person in my area that
    Has AS …. It is ironic that we used to go to the same doctor and I worked at the CU that this person went to… We happen to run into each other at the doctors office otherwise I might never had known. The other lady has been on enbrel for over 12 years with success and doesn’t seem to have issues with her disease. Although has other medical issues.
    I just wanted to find someone near to me that had AS. Someone who could understand… That i could speak with. The stories have read have helped me everyday get through …
    My email is allblondenblue@yahoo.com
    I was diagnosed 4 years ago.. Although had lower back ache and pain since my late teens.
    I have been on a lot of meds, out of work for 10 months, fatique and pain hardest… Currently trying Simponi (have had 3 shots) and am having a lot of pain and stiffness this week which I don’t understand as this was improving but now coming back.
    I would like to speak with you in more detail … Please email me and hopefully we can talk

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