A.S. Face 1348: Elizabeth Albeck

Face 1348

I am 33 years old and mother of 5 (3 are mine and 2 step-children). My husband and I went to high school together, reconnected years later and married. I worked as a dog groomer and have been grooming for 6 years, until I started having a hard time doing my job and was declared permanently disabled. I believe I have had signs and symptoms for many years, possibly going back to childhood, but it became quite evident right after I gave birth to my now 4yr old daughter. It started with aches and pains, mainly in my back, shoulders and legs. As I kept working, it became more and more evident something was very wrong. I couldn’t move hen I got up in the morning because my body was so stiff, I felt like an old woman and felt excluded when the kids and my husband were playing. I finally broke down and went to my family doctor. He ran some blood work and sent me to a rheumatologist. He told me I had fibromyalgia. I tried physical therapy, and the typical drugs they try for Fibro, but had no luck. I started going to a pain management doctor and after being put on pain medication and getting nerve blocks for my migraines, I was now able to function in a better capacity without tears of frustration. But I wasn’t “better.” The next time I saw that rheumy I left in tears when he told me he couldn’t do anything for me.. The front office staff told me to try the other doctor in the practice, and I am so glad I did. My very first visit with him he told me he knew what as wrong with me, said I was underdiagnosed (although he agreed I do have Fibro as well) and had me do a round of low dose steroids. My next visit confirmed it. Undifferentiated spondylitis. I had never heard of this. I was shocked. What did this mean? He gave me a few weeks to research treatment options and went I went back, he started me on Enbrel. I just did my 5th injection and I am hoping I notice an improvement soon. I take many pills and supplements for other medical conditions and just and just want to be “me” again. I just want to be the “old” Beth but I know that will never be. That is my story.
Pennsylvania, United States of America

One Response to “A.S. Face 1348: Elizabeth Albeck”

  1. Dear Elizabeth,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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