A.S. Face 1236: Natoula

Face 1236Hi my name is Natoula I live in Perth WA and I am 36 years old. I have 3 children. Only recently diagnosed and all thanks to the excellent healthcare here in Australia…..no major thanks to the NHS in the UK which left me undiagnosed for almost my whole life struggling along being passed from one doctor to another with no real answers, ultimately ending up with me at 32 weeks pregnant with my third child, disabled in hospital, only able to move my head, drugged up to the eyeballs on painkillers to stop me from passing out with the pain and running the risk of losing my baby….3 years on…..relocated to Perth WA…..I have a fantastic Rheumatologist and  I am getting good care and attention. Thankful everyday for my mobility and a better quality of life with positive prospects. Still so much to learn about it all and some days I feel more confident about living with AS than others but acceptance is the first step forward for me and each step thereafter further along the path is  to brighter, healthier and happier times! A positive mental attitude is essential for me to stay strong!

Healing does not mean the damage never existed, it means it no longer controls our lives. Be strong, be purposeful, stay positive and believe that each new day holds the promise of brighter and better times to come xXx

Western Australia, Australia

5 Responses to “A.S. Face 1236: Natoula”

  1. Dear Natoula,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. It’s my pleasure! I am so pleased and proud to be part of this! Thank you : ) x

  3. Hi Natoula ! Thanks for sharing ! It’s good reading about others with AS. I have it to, and have suffered a lot since further back injuries in 2008. Stories are supportive and inspiring (( HUGGZ ))

  4. Natoula, thank you for sharing your experience. love the positive vibe 🙂

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