A.S. Face 1185: Jamie Smith

Face 1185

Jamie: Canada

My name is Jamie Smith I have just been diagnosed with A.S but I have had problems since my early twenties I am now 42 . I have had back problems forever which has always been attributed to weight . Knee and ankle issues which again have been attributed to weight . It wasn’t until I started complaining to my family doctor of extreme pain and fatigue that he sent me for bone scans , mri’s , X-rays and blood test and to a rheumatologist and a sleep clinic . Found out I have severe sleep apnea . I have been on a cpap , vpap was Hoping that would help and it has with tiredness but now I’m awake for the pain lol Awesome  ! Lol Rheumy has decided that I am going to go on Humira just waiting for one more MRI .
Thanks for listening.

Ontario, Canada

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 1185: Jamie Smith”

  1. Dear Jamie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. You sound just like me Jamie….”diagnosed at 42, pain since early 20’s.” But now I’m 54….and AS has become “a boring old act” that doesn’t dominate my every waking moment thought.(of course, it wants to remind me all the time that it’s still here LOL). I’m saying this cause I’m sure being “newly diagnosed an all” AS is dominating your thoughts…but it’ll eventually become an old act for you too.

  3. Thanks for your words Derek . A.s is dominating my thoughts right now with the pain but also with the fact that I’m waiting for Humira and the test I have to go thru to get it and the whole ” I hope it’s going to work thing ” . But I have support from my two kids (girl 8 and boy 10) and my loving wife of 15 years and the people I have met in here and various different places while researching A.s .

  4. Thank you Jamie. I hear your heart and my heart prays for you as I just came out of the hospital from septic shock. I myself get scared with the back and neck pain, but also the residual from septic shock or something.

  5. Hi Jamie , my name is also Jamie smith I was diagnosed with AS after several years of intense pain. My rheumatologist has got me on medication called Enbrel. After years of being poked and prodded,xrayed,scanned and trying different things I was sceptical about this drug. But to my surprise and amazement within 24hrs after first injection was almost pain free. I now play touch footy, run upto 7 klms at a time, and work in construction all pain free. Hope this helps because trust me I still can’t believe how bad the pain from this disease is.(was)

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