A.S. Face 1180: S.C.


I am 23, and I am suffering from AS for the past 6 years now. I felt a cramping pain first in the first day of my college, took some pain killers but the pain was persistent. My parents took me to an orthopedic who told to do some exercises and there was nothing to worry, This step repeated for 4-5 months. My pain was worse and It was very difficult to move. Then my uncle told me to visit a rhumatologist. He first diagnosed that it was AS, the disease which is totally unknown to me, Doc told that it is incurable and an autoimmune one, I don’t have internet access then , so these terms were Greek to me. However I took 4 doses of infliximab in 4 years, and somehow completed my course. In 2010, I felt terrible pain in my stomach and diagnosed with IBD and GERD. Doc told me the GERD is coz of the infliximab.. and IBD is associated with AS. After 2010, I couldn’t afford sulphasalazine, humira, methotrexate, coz all these had severe side effects. I am under active rehab [swimming and exercise] and under homeopathic treatment, trust me in my case homeopathy does a tremendous job so far. My sacro-illiac joint is fused, have mild dorsal kyphosis, severe osteopania, loss of cervical kyphosis. Wo haa ! Seven incurable diseases, yet I am smiling see 🙂 . So my message to all of you… Keep fighting.. keep accepting the facts.. keep your acceptance level to infinity so that nothing can bother you. A day will come..there will b better treatment, better rehab.. so cheers to life

India, Asia

One Response to “A.S. Face 1180: S.C.”

  1. Dear S.C.
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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