A.S. Face 1133: Abdul Junaid

Face 1133

Hi hello. My name is Abdul Junaid and heres my AS story.

My AS story. Hi  everyone.. I have AS since 5 years.. I was diagnosed at the age of 19 .. 24 now . If I remember correctly it all started with pain in my heels in August 2008. Then gradually started spreading to different parts. After changing many doctors finally I came to know that  its AS and was diagnosed in Dec 2008 . I am HLAB27+   That was the worst phase ..I was in severe pain and wasn’t able to walk on my own.  The doc prescribed me a bunch of pills which I had to take 3 times a day. Even then I dint used to get much relief  coz of which I wasn’t able to go out or to college. I dint went to college the whole semester and got Exed(failed). I’m an I.T Engg student. I was in second year at that time.  During this phase.. I came to know about a self proclaimed ‘Scientist’  Dr Munir Khan. He’s the inventor of a ‘miracle’ drug BODY REVIVAL. His claim was that this medicine can cure  all incurable disease including cancer . He used to advertise his medicine in a 30 minute talk show on reputed TV channels with a yesteryear television actress. This man had celebrity clients as well. I went to his clinic with my father  situated im Mumbai (India) and came to know that it costs a whopping 15000 INR . There used to be a beeline to get his medicine.Its a 100ml bottle containing honey and herbs.A total herbal medicine. The dosage was 1tsp every 3 days.  They advised me to take it as per dosage and gradually cut the use of pills. This drug worked magically and there was no pain after finishing the first bottle. I dint had to take pills at all . After that I tried another bottle . And no pain again ,i was back to normalcy. But this ‘scientist’ is a controversial figure. When I went for the 3rd bottle ,his clinic was sealed. The grand success of this Scientist made others envy. And some people with vested interest started pouring in fictitious complaints against him. People call him a Cheat,fraud ,charlatan and blah blah . I dont know their side of story but his med actually did helped me in a great deal. Hes now cleared of all charges by the High court and started reselling the med just recently after a long gap at four times the price -60000 INR. I havent retried his med uptil now,but i want to. I wasn’t in severe pain for all these 3 4 yrs and was living a reasonbly normal life without any treatment on even in winter season. Dint use to exercise daily neither followed a special diet.  As of now my AS  is activated again.Since the month of October am experiencing pain which kept on increasing day by day. I visited a new Rheumatologist and he prescribed me NSAIDS and physio. But these arent working enough. I feel severe pain in the mornings as its winter season here. After hot bath physio and meds ,the pain comes down just one level. On my last visit he said I am under some kind of stress and it will only aggravate your condition. And referred me to a psychologist. I think the stress is due to my exams . My exam season is going on and I am unable to focus on studies.Whenever I sit on a chair  within 10-15 mins or so I start feeling restless,I get stiff and my buttocks start paining badly. Its my final year and have already lost 3years of academics due to this dreadful disease. I wanna get well again.But when would I?! 😦 Since the flare up started the pain has kept on increasing day by day. It real  worries me..am unmarried  yet.. hasnt even started my professional carrier ..AS lasts a lifetime.. how would I be able to support a family if I get married..how will I be able to work a full day when I start  my career 😦 . Its my age to look and take care of my lovely parents but its the other way round right now !

And a bit of info about my family. My dad was also affected with some kind of arthritis when he was young. But his disease faded away even before he got married and hasnt troubled him since then. Hes 56 ..a civil engineer by profession. And my 3 yrs elder sis was diagnosed with  Rheumatoid Arthritis at the same age as mine.She experienced piercing pain when she was diagnosed. A doctor once said to my parents that you shouldnt marry your daughter off. But by the grace of Almighty shes been married for 6 years now and has two beautiful kids 🙂 . She hardly experiences pain now. I positively  hope like my dad and sis me too will get better sooner or later. Do share some tips on how you cope with AS and how to get over this Invisible Monster. And keep me in your prayers. And hope we find a “CURE” in “OUR” lifetime..!! Written in Dec 2013..!!!

India, Asia

2 Responses to “A.S. Face 1133: Abdul Junaid”

  1. Dear Abdul,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Abdul just give me a ring my name is Asif Arshad n no is 8010731414

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