A.S. Face 1108: Rachel

Face 11081108 Rachel

My name is Rachel, I’m 28. I was diagnosed with AS when I was 11 years old. It all started when I was a child. I was always at the hospital with one ache or pain or another. It got to the point where the doctors thought my parents were abusing me! (They weren’t!) finally at 6 years old I was diagnosed with juvenile chronic arthritis. It affected me on and off until I was about 11 years old. I ended up not being able to walk for about 16 weeks and spent a lot of time in hospital. That’s when I was diagnosed with AS. My dad also has AS, he was diagnosed in his late 30’s. Finally the doctors put 2&2 together and did some scans. I am also HLA-B27 positive. At such a young age I really didn’t know what AS was. I was just in pain a lot and extremely tired all the time. For a few years it seemed to go away & not bother me really. At 15/16 I has 2 operations on my knew due to multiple dislocations and a ‘growth’ that was removed. I got to about 18, then it started being more active. A couple of years ago it got so severe I was sick from work. 4 months ago I returned after 2 years absent. I take a cocktail of medication (including Humira) and have also been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I spent 2 weeks at the hospital in Bath, receiving education on my disease and meeting other people with the same thing. I found this extremely helpful! I suppose that’s my story so far 🙂 x

England, United Kingdom

7 Responses to “A.S. Face 1108: Rachel”

  1. Well done for how far you have come Rachel xx

  2. To start… You are soooooo pretty! I really hope the meds keep you active and as time goes by they find better meds for you. Hugs from germany

  3. Welcome to Faces Rachel. Hope your medication,exercise,and a positive attitude will keep you as active as possible.

    Hope you come join us on the facebook group as there are a great bunch of people in there,meantime stay as well as can be.

    Face 1015

  4. Your an inspiration, not everyone sees what you go through and at work your so positive and friendly but I know it must be so hard and we cant understand all what you go through, its nice you have that support network with those who really understand, I hope with advancing medicine you get the best life can offer you, hugs xxx

  5. Dear Rachel,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  6. Rachel
    Your attitude and story inspire me thank you

  7. Hi Rachel – I am in the UK in Horsham, Sussex. I have had AS since about age 19 – my worse time was 23 to 25 – I am now 47. My AS has been a story of ups and downs, discovery and self doubt but cutting to the quick – diet has helped me a lot. I visited a clinic in Bansted, Surrey called the Burghwood Clinic then a naturopath later on – have not eaten gluten or corn or lager / Guinness / beer and rarely touch dairy fom cows for 20 years. From 2 weeks of changing my diet at age 26 / 27 – I knew this was what I had to do.
    There are two websites that reflect my own struggle – “sickopportunity” and “spondymonster” – well worth visiting – they reflect the growing autoimmune protocol diets such as Paleo.

    It s not a cure but it will help modify your condition.

    Best wishes, Sean

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