A.S. Face 1046: Lidia

Face 1046LidiaI was diagnosed with AS and there is a low presence of lupas. I am afraid. Because i been in pain on and since the age of 22 i am now 39. In 2010 i was tying to get my life back working out and even went back to college but i started what appeared to be pain in my back and sides and was told on different visits i had back sprain, then i was told i had muscular skeleton fractures. Last november the pain came back in my neck and stayed a few months. This may i started having pain what appeared to be a crook but it could not be i thought because here it was 4 months later neck pain sometimes meds helped ease the pain but did not help it!  So far i am on tramadol and meloxicam. A few meds i cannot pronounce lol. Sometimes i dont even try to get to know my meds because lately its loke ill never know when that will change. I am afraid because i dont know any african americans with this. I dont know if one day will be a good from the next. I am 39 and reaching out for info love and support. Because in a small town with doctors who seem  to not care or care to find all resources sucks.

Mississippi, United States of America


2 Responses to “A.S. Face 1046: Lidia”

  1. Dear Lidia,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Its hard when Drs are not empathetic! You have a whole new family here, lots of groups on Facebook to join and be a part of an AS family!

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