A.S. Face 1046: Lidia

Face 1046LidiaI was diagnosed with AS and there is a low presence of lupas. I am afraid. Because i been in pain on and since the age of 22 i am now 39. In 2010 i was tying to get my life back working out and even went back to college but i started what appeared to be pain in my back and sides and was told on different visits i had back sprain, then i was told i had muscular skeleton fractures. Last november the pain came back in my neck and stayed a few months. This may i started having pain what appeared to be a crook but it could not be i thought because here it was 4 months later neck pain sometimes meds helped ease the pain but did not help it!  So far i am on tramadol and meloxicam. A few meds i cannot pronounce lol. Sometimes i dont even try to get to know my meds because lately its loke ill never know when that will change. I am afraid because i dont know any african americans with this. I dont know if one day will be a good from the next. I am 39 and reaching out for info love and support. Because in a small town with doctors who seem  to not care or care to find all resources sucks.

Mississippi, United States of America

3 Responses to “A.S. Face 1046: Lidia”

  1. Dear Lidia,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Its hard when Drs are not empathetic! You have a whole new family here, lots of groups on Facebook to join and be a part of an AS family!

  3. Lidia – my sister has AS and I try to support her by keeping up with the latest info, meds and research. She’s in her 50’s, African American and her AS is pretty advanced. This group was great for me to return to over and over again. Reading the info about what Rheumatologist and GP should be testing for and all the different kinds of meds is mind bogging but keep reading it will help you. I had no idea so many people had this and other conditions that accompany AS. AS has ravaged my sister’s body and I just wanted to help her and let her know others were there for her. So I want to encourage you as well. We live in separate states but these groups and keeping in touch helps me to discuss her condition with her. My sister’s doctor also seemed uncaring and didn’t tell her all she needed to know about exercise (please keep moving), diet, resources and biologics. As a result she has become somewhat bedridden and depressed from time to time. Seek resources, help and consult other doctors/specialists as often as you can. Had I known the extent to which AS would change her and her rheumatologist would be slow in diagnosis and care – I would have encouraged her to relocate for the best of care. Also, Facebook has helped me tremendously to understand AS. Check out AS & AS support group for black women on FB. Many blessings to you.

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