A.S. Face 1033: Vinod

Face 1033VinodAt the age of 12 (year 1997), I had a problem with my teeth. After consulting with Dental specialist, doctor advised me to remove second molar due to infection. As per his advise I undergone treatment. After this treatment, bleeding not at all stopped for a week. During night time, bleeding continuously occurs and clotted inside the mouth. Even after taking medicines also bleeding not at all stopped. At last, I consulted another doctor for this problem and my dental doctor was shocked after seeing my clotted blood inside the mouth. He shared this information to his friend haematology specialist (Dr. Ishwar) and he decided to put stitches on this portion in order to stop this bleed. And my Doctor gave a reference letter to consult Dr. Ishwar for identifying the bleeding reason. But due to careless my parents not taken this issue serious and focus on their work.

A couple of month after I started facing pain on some portions with unknown reason. That pain will remain for few hours and then it will reduced. Again my parents consulted few doctors to identify the reason but unable to find. Then we finally decided to consult Dr. Ishwar haemotolgy specialist. He taken many blood test and finally he diagnosed haemophilia B mild 10% factor. Then he guided me how to live this life, precautions and so on.

Many years went with good and bad things in my life. At last I started feel my back pain in the year 2001. I couldn’t able to sit for a minute and I started feel negative depression and also I cried for many times even I decided to do suicide attempt because of my severe pain. Consulted many doctors but unable to find the problem. Even then also I developed my confidence level and I completed Engineering degree in the year 2006. After that went for a job in Printing and Publishing industry and quit my job at 2010 due to my back pain. Consulted many doctors and taken many tests even though problem not been diagnosed. Many doctors thought that I am telling lie due to some other reason but I feel severe back pain on those days.

Finally 2012, I consulted Dr. Ramesh (Rheumatology) with the help of my family doctor. He again asked me to take Bone Scan for diagnosing what the problem and found mild inflammation in my both Sacroiliac joints. For this symptom, they conveyed that I am another genetic issue named as Spondyloarthropathy (Severity Stage – Ankylosing Spondylitis). Taken many medicines but pain not even reduce to a 0.0%. Again I consulted another doctor from Apollo health care. He also suggested the same and he unable to give exact medicines for this problem due to bleeding issues.

Other than this, I am having Septal Deviation, Sinus, Gastric Intestinal (Severe Cough Problem).

Thanks & Regards,

India, Asia

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 1033: Vinod”

  1. Dear Vinod,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Thanks a lot Cookies for updating my story by creating new blog in AS Faces 🙂

  3. Your additional areas of inflamation are nearly identical to mine. Please contact me via Facebook message

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