A.S. Face 1006: Sharon Sandlin

Face 1006Sharon 1006My name is Sharon Sandlin and I am 52 years old. I have had back pain from nine years old. It started from a horse riding accident where my spine was fractured and healed with slippage. I grew up on a farm where our entire family worked like farm hands, lots of heavy lifting and lots of back issues.
At the age of 21, I had already completed nursing school and was an RN. After that came marriage and five natural childbirths in six years. My pain was becoming unbearable. When my baby was one year old, I went back to work as an obstetrics nurse. It was becoming difficult to walk. I had dreams that I would drop a baby though I never did. It was then I decided to go to a chiropractor and have some x-rays of my spine. I already had Degenerative Disc Disease at 30 years of age. There were also some discrepancies that seemed to be genetic. I kept living my life with pain as a daily companion. It has caused me depression at times.
Ten years ago, I finally got the diagnosis of AS. I asked the doctor if a wheelchair was in my future. He told me that if he hadn’t seen me walk into his office he would have thought I was already in a wheelchair. Then he showed me the x-rays of my spine…I cried. I also resolved to live my life fully until the day when I can’t anymore.
I also have developed Fibromyalgia, Type 2 Diabetes and hypertension.
Chronic conditions cause a lot of pain, but there are things that could be so much worse.
I thank God that I have my loving family around me and can still be active.

California, United States of America

3 Responses to “A.S. Face 1006: Sharon Sandlin”

  1. Dear Sharon,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

    • Cookie,
      Thank you for all the endless hard work you put into this project. I love reading about all the new faces each day. It is a comfort to know others are silent sufferers and we are not alone.

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