A.S. Face 0993: David Collums

Face 993993

My name is David Collums. I live in winfield, alabama. I was diagnosed with a.s. in 2003. After two years of intense pain and stiffness the doctor finally decided to send me to a rheumatologist who figured it all out. My s.i. joint is fused my facets in my lower back are ate up and my left hip needs replaced. I am currently working at pizza hut making minimum wage with no insurance. Life is a serious struggle. I have been on indocin which works great for me but my stomach and esophagus are ate up with acid reflux/gurd. So im taking 40mg of prilosec twice a day and 150mg of zantac twice a day. Just to keep it under control. But if it wasnt for the indocin i would be so stiff id need a wheel chair!!!  But thank God and indocin that i can have some semblence of a life. But it is a catch 22 because the more i take the indocin the worse my stomach and the bleeding gets. So life is definitely a balancing act!

If anyone would like to talk or compare stories my email is: dcollums11@gmail.com.

yall have a wonderful day and i hope u have no flare ups!!

God bless!!

Alabama, United States of America

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 0993: David Collums”

  1. Dear David,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Hi DAve. Indocin and sulindac and sulfazine really ruined a couple summers for me a long time ago…because of acid reflux. Had a sore throat that wouldn’t go away…and headaches…and nausea. People have to watch out for the NSAIDS….and acid reflux “doesn’t mean” heartburn. I had no heartburn…but plenty of esophagus erosion. And being a naïve “newby” to the medical world…I really didn’t think that “the medicine would harm me.” Both times I had acid reflux…with both medicines…I still refused to believe it would be the pills LOL.

    SOOoooo…my rheumy “went around” the stomach and we went to “injectable Methotrexate.” Easy little diabetic needle…didn’t even feel it. I think Metho might be “cheap”…it was invented like 50 years ago….might consider it.

    Dave….I think it might be time to think about going to college. Seriously. Whats four years in the rest of your life.

  3. I pray for you doll…God Bless….. contact me anytime

  4. I’ll pray 4 u…God Bless… Contact me anytime…Allison

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