A.S. Face 0980: Hunter

Face 980

During the summer of last year Rascal Flatts song ” I WONT LET GO” was on the radio all the time – it is my sons and i favorite band and we both love this song – however once he was diagnosed this song got a whole different meaning to us both…

Hello there I’m Tina, my son Hunter is 14 yrs old – he was diagnosed with ASS  almost a year ago ( yes we call it that and i let him say it figures least I can give him since I can’t take away the pain) he is in pain of some sort every day not just back but legs, ankles and elbows … but is strong and determined to not let it effect his childhood – although he crushed that he isn’t allowed to play football anymore he is still playing baseball and active and we are grateful for that, he is currently taking 1000mg of NSEDs a day and 2 different stomach pills …  This disease came to a shock to both of us and broke my heart in a million pieces – I hadn’t even heard of it until oct 19, 2012 when he got ill and in pain for weeks prior – trips in and out of the ER and after running a million test trying to figure out what was wrong with him he finally came up positive for this – no idea why they ran this test but i was crushed to hear my perfect little blonde hair blue eyed baby was facing a lifetime of pain that His mommy can’t fix  … I still feel helpless- However I have to say there was a sort of relief, for the both of us, to finally know that years and years of these ” growing pains” drs always diagnosed him with were real , granted not a diagnosis we ever wanted, but at least it was finally an answer and diagnosed early and thankfully we live by Cincinnati who is one if the top ranked children’s  hospitals in the country – this I am also thankful for , they are amazing !!!

This is the beginning of our story …..

Ohio, United States of America

6 Responses to “A.S. Face 0980: Hunter”

  1. Dear Hunter,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. My granddaughter (11 yrs.) was also diagnosed this year and my daughter feels and says just what you said….I can’t believe my little boy…..etc., etc. It is devastating but now we look for the meds, keep her busy and active 24-24 or as much as we can, and pray a lot.. You have lots of people out there that read your story and are there for you all the time. Best wishes.

  3. Hi I am the mom of face 963… I know exactly how you feel. My daughter too, had to stop her favorite sport and I say the same things you do. I pray that the meds my daughter is on will begin to work and make a difference. I hope you and Hunter can find what we are all praying for. Our children don’t deserve to have this terrible invisible disease, but now that we know what it is we will fight it with everything we have. Good Luck to you all too.

  4. Tina and Hunter are amazing people. I know one day Hunter will thank is mother for all the hard work and choices she is doing for him. She is an amazing mom

  5. Hunter,
    You are so smart, brave & determined. I know you will be able to do whatever you choose in life and no ASS will get in your way. Ha Ha (Punn intended)
    Love and Miss you both,

  6. Hi Tina, my son was diagnosed last year when he was 15, after 2 horrible years of pain and the revolving door of doctors & physical therapists. Like your Hunter, my son is doing amazing. A lifelong baseball player and athlete, he has continued to stay active and has a 4.0 GPA to boot. He is my hero.

    As a mother, I too felt guilty at his diagnosis. To make matters worse, his diagnosis led to my own diagnosis. For months I was in tremendous emotional pain as I dealt with my own stuff along with the guilt that his situation was my fault.

    I am happy to say that I have been able to move on from it. No epiphany, I just had to get over it and did so a little bit each day.

    Hunter’s diagnosis is a stumbling block, but it is not a death sentence either. There are worse things. As long as Hunter is mindful of taking care of himself – staying active, taking his meds, trying to eat healthy — he will live a normal, happy life.

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