A.S. Face 0952: K.G.

Face 0952.

I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis last year. This disease has changed my life forever. I have been in agony for many months. Not being able to walk without excruciating pain not knowing what was my problem and if I was going to end up paralyzed… I couldn’t hold my baby as I wanted. I wasn’t able to keep up with my active toddler. We have both been suffering of this disease and I promised to her that I will always fight until I die. I won’t let this disease get over me.

I got a ”correct” diagnosis in september 2010. I have tried numerous medications but none of them seemed to work for my SI joint. After many months on indomethacin and with a lot of sincere prayers I was finally relieved from the excruciating pain that I had. I am so thankful for this. I always have pain in my mid-back and ribs but my SI joint feels so much better. I will always pray that none of my children will ever have to experience such a thing that is Ankylosing spondilitis.

I am a thankful face of AS.

AS has been teaching ”us” so much about what we should have been thankful before the start of that disease but now I try to be thankful for what AS didn’t take away from me.

Quebec, Canada

One Response to “A.S. Face 0952: K.G.”

  1. Dear K,
    Thank you so much for sharing you story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

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