A.S. Face 0919: Lacie Wilson

Face 919From Lacie Wilson
Diagnosed January 2013
Suffered since May 2003 with sacroilitis  3 SI joint injections per year every year. Oral pain meds on and off the entire time. My pain management doctor finally drew labs when my joints in my hands were inflamed, red & stiff! Very elevated labs. Referred to Rheumatologist and diagnosed with in the first 2 visits. I have tried multiple oral meds and natural remedies without success! I am scheduled to begin Humira August 6th! Fingers crossed I get relief from the severe pressure/pain in my SI joints and legs. My difficulty breathing comes and goes. My biggest wish is to be able to control the SI joint flare ups and the pressure I have constantly in my tail bone!! This is by far not a very well written account of my history but it kind of gives you a little back ground of my story😊

Texas, United States of America

3 Responses to “A.S. Face 0919: Lacie Wilson”

  1. Dear Lacie,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. I have discovered a wonderful product which helps me with all sorts of things due to having A.S. I highly recommend it .It’s called Rosehip Vital with Gopo . I took it for a month and then bought another jar of it and on the second jar it all started to work and help, I now take it none stop. I love this stuff and highly recommend it to everyone with A.S. They also make it for dogs and they have many positive stories . It’s for Arthritis in human and dogs .It has helped dogs with Allergies I also have found my skin feeling much better and not as irritated as it once was. Also it’s an antioxidant .

  3. Hi Lacie,
    I hope that Humira works well for you. Keep in mind that you won’t see immediate results, but rather a slow build up over approximately 12 weeks. I’m on Enbrel (which is also a biologic) and it took about that long for me to realize it’s maximum effect.


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