A.S. Face 0802: Lisa Callahan

Face 802

There is so much to say. I was diagnosed about 12years ago when I was 28. I had reoccurring episcleritis (inflammation in my eyes) I saw an ophthalmologist 20 times in 1 year. I was sent to Vanderbilt University an had some fusing in my SI joint, was HLAB27 positive and diagnosed with AS.

MOVED back to my home state in 2001….AS stayed pretty quiet and 3 years ago BAMM! Over the past 3 years inflammation in my eyes, chest, joints,  thyroid, bowels….etc. Searched for years to find good doctors, thyroid level going up & down was HORRIBLE and chest inflammation made me short of breath. Ended up in the hospital for a week last year from an infection (cellulitus)….finally found a doctor who decided my inflamed, hasimoto thyroid, needed to come out. My thyroid was so inflamed after 3 years it took the doctor 4 hours to pry it away from my body. I ended up in the hospital for a night because my inflamed chest made me so short of breath it caused damage to my heart.

Through it all I have to be HUGE advocate for myself. I did not feel good…I kept pushing until they took my thyroid out. My chest hurt…my heart would race….I kept looking for answers, until they told me I have costochronditis (inflammation in my chest).

I am still working full time, but it hasn’t been easy since I have been so sick. AS is covered under FMLA for chronic illness, I applied for and got it. It’s still hard to try an work and be sick!

Today I feel better without my thyroid, so much better. I don’t get so short of breath because I am on meds for that costochronditis. The pain is still there…my feet, oh how they hurt, my eyes, my cornea is inflamed…my knees, back and on and on. But I do as much as I can to stay active. I have 5 children, I love to death and fight with everything I have to stay healthy! Won’t let AS get me!!!!

New York, United States of America

2 Responses to “A.S. Face 0802: Lisa Callahan”

  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. 🙂 Hi Lisa

    Nice to meet, I’m still working too, but it is hard, really I would so love to just live a life where I only had to do stuff if it was a good day… Sadly that isn’t life. Is it.

    Keep taking care of yourself,

    Jane 709

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