A.S. Face 0797: Bob Herbst

Face 797Bob Herbst

Hi my name is Bob Herbst, I’m from plainfield, IL & am 53 years old & have had A.S since 1999. My story is in 1994 I slipped on some grease at work & felt a sharp pain in the right side of my neck. I made an accident report at work but didn’t really think much about it & everything seemed fine. I would occasionally get a stiff neck but the next day I would be fine, until 1999 when it was happening more often. I went to a chiropractor & nothing he did helped only the massage would help briefly. I then went & seen a Rheumatologist & she did xrays & bloodwork. I tested negative for HLA B27 but xrays showed fusion in my sacroiliac joints & my spine & neck. That’s when she told me I had A.S. she prescribed Enbrel for me & it never really helped much. Mornings I would wake up & be stiff every morning until I took a hot shower. I changed doctors 3 more times after that. Every doctor would say the same thing. Keep taking the Enbrel it will help you.

Finally in 2011 I switched my Rheumatologist the fifth time. I brought my xrays & bloodwork results to him. He took bloodwork & he told me I was full of inflammation. He took me off the Enbrel & put me on Humira & after my first injection my morning stiffness was gone & has not come back. I feel better now than in years but I still have the stiffness but not as bad as before. So summing this all up. I still believe my A.S was caused by my slip at work in 1994. If your not happy with your doctor switch & find one your happy with. My fifth Rhuemy is the best thing that happened for me. He takes his time with me & never rushes me during appointments.

Thank You, Bob Herbst

Illinois, United States of America

4 Responses to “A.S. Face 0797: Bob Herbst”

  1. Dear Bob,
    Thank you so much for sharing your story with us.
    Sincerely Cookie

  2. Ahha…proof that if one drug doesn’t work, another will! All these biologicals get at AS in a little bit different way (or else,because of “patents,” there would only be one on the market). Sooooo, for all the newly diagnosed out there Bob, thanks for providing proof to never give up hope and keep “mixin and matchin” until you find the right AS cocktail! Excelent day.

  3. Hi Bob, nice to meet you, I’ve heard that research is starting to believe that there are triggers, as twins can have the same genetics and one have AS and one not. Mine started after I was knocked over by a car, I’ve always wondered if I hadn’t been knocked over, would the AS have started… Who knows though.

    Jane 709

  4. Thank Bob, sharing your story with us.In India The same thing happened ! Here we have very less number of Rheumatologist,we have ample in orthopedic, due to lack of proper knowledge about AS any patient waste there important year without any finding in the hand!

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